Are you FREE around Food?

Jan 4, 2017 | Spirit & Soul, Weight Loss




So lovely, are you free around food?


Do you have freedom to eat what you want to eat and when you want to eat it?


Do you have the freedom to make healthy choices and really enjoy them?  


But can you also make wonderfully unhealthy choices and not beat yourself up about them?


Do you have this noise around your head all the time asking you – what other people will think of what your eating, how many calories have you had, are you going to be able to eat ‘healthy’ at that certain meal or place, are people watching you eat and judging you because of it, when are you going to be able to eat again, is this food going to make you fat?  


If that sounds anything like you then you’re in the right place and I have the FREE resource to help you along the way. Just click below to watch more or scroll down if you prefer to read…



If you have this ongoing noise, if you are always worrying, focusing, and fixating on food, then you are not free. If you feel trapped by food then I’m here to help. I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I’ve lived through that constant noise in my head all the time. There was no freedom.


Food is meant to be fun, a platform for freedom and health, not for anxiety or worry. It’s a super exciting and important topic that I still get passionate and emotional about because it has been a real healing journey to just be free and have fun with food instead of being obsessed and ruled by it.


So how do we get free?

Here are some tips that I’ve used to get free around food…



1.Be prepared to do the work

Doing the work isn’t a sexy and quick win but this is really deep stuff and you need to be willing to do the work, go deep and connect on why you are behaving that way and be powerful in that place. You have to have the right attitude.

Some of you might need to go deep on this and get some support whether it’s one on one coaching, CBT or counseling. I recommend that you value yourself enough to invest in the support that you uniquely need – there is NO SHAME in getting professional help and a disordered relationship with food is not joke and warrants getting proper support.

But if you really want something to change then you need to do something different – that you have never done before and go DEEP!


2.What are you believing about yourself?

Look at the values and beliefs that are driving this behavior because this is the key.

Your negative behaviors and patterns around food don’t just pop up in the middle of nowhere, they are driven by your values and beliefs. What you believe about your body, your food, your future will all impact the choices you make around food – good or bad.

If you want to get rid of the stories and the noise in your head, then you need to quit using self-control alone to keep you from that biscuit tin and adopt a way more powerful strategy and get to the root cause of your negative behaviours. find out what beliefs and values are driving this behavior. I talk much more about this in depth and coach people in my

Find out what the beliefs and values are that are driving the negative behavior. I talk much more about this in depth in my Clubhouse Community and am running a FREE CHALLENGE starting 6th January so help you with this and more! 


3.Keep a mood AND food diary

Often people keep a food diary but it’s more helpful if you keep a food and mood diary as you get a more complete picture.

Not only do you write down what you ate but also, how you felt, what was happening, what were your physical symptoms, how you were emotionally and what were your energy was like. This can really help to map out what was going on in your body and it will help you connect what is going on when you are eating to what’s going on inside your head and what values driving that behavior. This is a key tool I use in my Clubhouse community and it’s really helpful so I’ll link the resource below and you can get a diary that you can fill out. 


4.Learn how to RESET (in a healthy way)  

You need to learn how to hit the reset button and remind yourself that you are valuable, precious and worthy.

Having something symbolic that you can use to remind yourself you are resetting your thinking can really help. I had a client that would light scented candles because the scent will remind them of what they were doing, why they were doing it and where they were going. For me, I normally will make a green smoothie, it takes 2 minutes to make one and it reminds me that I make healthy choices and I’m valuing and doing something good for my body, or sometimes I go for walks. I know some clients have affirmations that they read to themselves,  some people listen to music, pray or use essential oils.

Whatever it is, find your reset button. Be powerful and press it. 



And if you feel like ‘OMG Kezia you have just nailed me’ and you want some more help then I have just the thing for you.


I am running a FREE 7-Day Super Naturally Healthy Challenge – starting 6th January where we gathering fellow cake eating rebels and diving deep into how to eat in a way to nourish your belly and ditch the bloat BUT also how to detox your mindset and create a freer and more abundant relationship with food.


This isn’t a diet or cleanse this is about ADDING food and healthy habits to your life in a way that will last AND give you awesome results. In previous challenges, people have been AMAZED at the results they have seen in such a short space of time.


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