15 Amazing Uses for Raw Honey

Feb 28, 2017 | Beauty & Skin, Healing & Herbs, Nutrition

Today’s topic is one that Winne the Pooh would approve of wholeheartedly.


Honey, specifically raw honey.


Having grown up with a special affinity to Winnie the Pooh (I think it was his rotund nature and love of food/honey that got me) it only makes sense that I have become a huge raw honey fan.


Why Raw?


You will know from previous articles about natural sweeteners and the benefits of raw honey, that raw honey is pretty awesome. (Read this is you have yet to be introduced to the wonders of raw honey.)


But basically raw honey is when all the natural goodness is still there, the mineral, enzymes, the phytonutrients etc. It’s not be boiled off in the processing and is therefore, awesome for the body.


I love the stuff because it is so good for you body AND it has tons of uses, so investing in slightly pricier honey can pay off because you can use it for everything…well nearly. Some people don’t like how high in fructose honey is which I can understand but guys it hardly like your going to a jar of the stuff every day, I mean seriously I dare you to try!


I buy mine in bulk here but you can get it in smaller amounts too.


And if you want to know more about natural sweeteners, which ones to use, and the recipes on how to use them then make sure you click below to get your free eGuide!





15 Uses for Raw Honey

1.Use it as a face mask to treat problem skin. Rub on face and leave for at least 10 minutes but longer if able and viola beautiful cleansed and soft skin. (Note: licking it off your face it all an acceptable way of removing it too!)

2.Eat it with kefir to reduce the sour tang and make a probiotic-tastic dessert.

3.Use it to cleanse you face in the morning. Rub on like a face wash and then rinse off with warm water.

4.Use it to make your hair clean! Read here for more.

5.Mix it with crushed and chopped garlic, chopped ginger and leave overnight. When you want to take it mix with lemon juice and take 1 tsp to sooth your cough and boost immunity.

6.Use it to treat a minor burn. See here for how. 

7.To make homemade chocolate.

8.For minor sunburn. Apply to skin to help it heal.

9.Spot cream. Dab onto appearing spots and leave overnight and watch it disappear!

10.To make a 2 min chocolate sauce. Follow my chocolate recipe but don’t allow the chocolate to set!

11.For a cold remedy. Place in a mug with some ginger, chilli, garlic, lemon juice and you have yourself a healing tonic.

12.The phytonutrients in raw honey have antibacterial and antiviral properties that may help boost your immune system and fight sickness. source 

13.Apply to minor burns to reduce inflammation.

14.To help fight off summer allergies, go for local honey for maximum impact.

15.As an antiseptic. Many hospital dressings now use honey due to its strong antiseptic properties.


Have you tried raw honey yet? What’s your favourite way to use it?









  1. Hi kezia…you mentioned that you buy in bulk and try to get local…think you are in glasgow,can i ask where you bulk buy your raw honey, that’s my area too. thanks

    • Sure thing I use amazon – I think I put a link in the blog – as I gave yet to find a local organic raw honey supplier so amazon is my go to , it also cheaper than other places I have seen 🙂

      • thanks Kezia…tried to look for link at the bottom but cant find it.

        • Sorry it not at the bottom it’s after the first paragraph or you can just look in my shop by clicking the top menu:)

    • I know I am at the bottom of my three kg tub – I have just decided to subscribe to it on amazon as it has become a vital household item!



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