5 Basic Steps to Healing Your Body

Jun 20, 2017 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition

I know the idea of overhauling our health and diet can seem overwhelming at the time but HONESTLY, I wish I had known these 5 steps 15 years ago….
These basic foundations are a great way to set yourself up for success when it comes to sorting out your beautiful body.
So let’s dive in and look at what 5 steps you can take to heal your body  

1. Introduce fermented foods into your diet every day

Fermented foods are things like kombocha, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir or even natural ‘live’ probiotic yoghurt contains naturally occurring probiotics.
I know one lady in my Clubhouse, (my group coaching program) who started having kefir alone and it transformed her digestive health. I regularly had dairy kefir every day for about 2 years straight and it was an important part of my healing own journey. SO basically adding homemade probiotics to your diet every day is the bomb.com
Not only do they contain lots of probiotics but also lots of living enzymes, B vitamins, and other nourishing goodness.

Find out more below:

 >>>Action: add one fermented food to your day every day.

2. Heal your beliefs about yourself

I know this sounds a bit weird….but bear with me.
This is something that I think most people miss when it comes to any aspect of their healing. They focus on the foods and the practical aspect but fail to address the root of all your decisions and choices.
If you believe a bunch of lies and crap about yourself and your ability to heal, then you have trapped yourself in your own beliefs. In my Clubhouse community, we begin with a mind detox, a time to get rid of all the toxic crappy thoughts that could be getting in the way of you making amazing healing choices.
This is maybe the hardest things to do as it’s the least practical and scariest but failure to address root beliefs and mindsets will hinder your healing journey big style.
>>>Action: Introduce lots of beautiful thoughts about your body and ditch the crappy talk about your body.


3.Remove refined sugar and other foods that are inflammatory….

Certain foods just do your body any good and to heal – you need to find out which foods are your friend. Meaning which foods make you feel awesome and which ones don’t.
I bet that refined sugars do not make you feel great and for many of you gluten and dairy will also have an inflammatory impact too.
 Now my general rule of thumb, in general, is that everyone would feel better without refined sugar (hence running my fabulous 21 Day Sugar Challenge – the gentlest and most effective sugar detox ever!). And everyone would benefit from a trial period of ditching gluten and dairy – just to see if they feel better.
>>>Action: Join my Beat the Sweet: 21-Day Sugar Challenge as we address refined sugar detoxing with the optional extra of reducing gluten and dairy to boot! 


4.Eat lots of green veg – cooked or raw

Imagine if you could create you own multivitamin every single day in just a few minutes? Well peeps its possible! That is why I love green smoothies. When you combine the magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamin C and other goodness from spinach with the calcium, fat, and protein of almonds and the potassium, healthy carbs and more vitamin C  from fruits like bananas then you are onto a winner.
My guess is that you need MORE green goodness in your life but your not sure how to add it in and you don’t have time to chomp on a salad twice a day (it is just me or do salads take AGES to eat??) but your body needs these things every day to function well. And that’s where green smoothies come in.
*For more severe digestive or candida issues green smoothies may not be ideal due to the natural sugars or the fibre of all the raw veg and fruit but in general, more green GOODNESS will help your body HEAL
>>>Action: Have a green smoothie every day and click below if you need some awesome recipes!


5.Bone Broth

I was tempted to suggest a specific supplement here but homemade bone broth trumped it. Bone broth is one super cheap way to add healing goodness to your day and it’s a great habit to get into.  Just drink it plain or use it whenever you would normally use a crap, sorry I mean commercial, stock cube;)
Here are some of the reasons for why it is so good for you!
Vegetarian due to taste or just eat fish? Then gelatin is a great alternative – I use this often in my drinks or marshmallows and it is an animal product but tastes literally of nothing. Fish broth is also awesome!
Vegetarian due to morality? Alas, nothing plant based matches up to this in my opinion and I have found super strict vegetarians with health issue often heal way slower that those who choose to have well-raised animal products. But your beliefs are super important (the meat industry is pretty horrid these days – I am so with you on that) and you need to be true to you. Just ensure you are getting some raw dairy, lots of organic egg yolks and kefir ?
So there are the foundations to healing your body. So I dare you to add just ONE of these things into your life and see what impact they have.
And if you want to work with me one2one to help your body and mindset heal and thrive then click here to book your initial free consultation to see if its the right fit for you.
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