10 Reasons You’re Bloated All the Time…

Oct 11, 2017 | Healing & Herbs, Weight Loss


You may or may not know this about me… but I get really excited about helping people heal their bodies, eat some freaking cake and feel awesome in the skin they are in.


Why? Because I feel like I have spent most of my own life struggling with my body. Warring against it and feeling like its warring against me. But I truly believe that we are created for healing and to live in a joyful connection with our bodies.


But let’s talk bloating – ok? I have spent years bloated, and totally unaware because it had just become so ‘normal’.


But bloating is a big issue and while it’s something that culturally we have accepted as part of life it can actually be a sign of bigger imbalances within the body. I have clients who are so bloated every single day, to the point that they could not wear their trousers by the end of the day, despite them fitting fine in the morning. This is not normal. It is a sign of inflammation and it is a way that your body tells you it needs some help.



So if you are bloated all the time (meaning at least once or twice a week) here are some of the reasons for that:

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10 reasons you are bloated ….


Some sort of Infection

By this, I mean things like Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), or an overgrowth of some pathogenic bacteria or yeast within your body that is causing problems. These things can really irritate the gut, produce their own gasses causing even more bloating and distension in the tummy.

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You eat crap

If you eat rubbish food then often your body is not able to fully digest it properly and it is going to make you bloated. Simple.

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You have an unhappy gut

If there is a lack of diversity in your gut, meaning you don’t have a variety of good yeasts and bacteria, your body will not be happy. The bacteria within our gut, (by which I mean from your mouth to butt) is really important, it is where we synthesis things like our B vitamins, digest foods and is where more than 3/4 of our immune system lives and where we even make some of our neurotransmitters like serotonin.

Our gut is essential for our neurotransmitter production and immune systems. If your body is lacking good bacteria or doesn’t have enough diversity of bacteria then there can be issues. The bacteria in your gut helps you to digest food and if you cannot digest food properly you are going to feel pretty bloated and rubbish – simple.

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You are addicted to sugar

Bacteria and yeast love sugar. This means if you are addicted to sugar you will be encouraging the growth of these pathogenic (bad) bacteria and yeast within your gut. Not good.

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You may have a parasite

Did you go traveling somewhere exotic, get food poisoning and have never been the same since? Or have you had food poisoning at home and have never been the same since? Then it could be a parasite…..nice!

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This could be physically, emotionally or even spiritually. Stress means your body is going to be in a more sympathetic nervous state. Your brain will be sending signals to your stomach to prevent digestion because there is a threat coming, your body is under stress. Stress immediately impacts your digestion.

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You have food intolerances

The most common food intolerances are gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, eggs. If you have a food intolerance and you are eating those foods regularly then you are going to end up feeling bloated.


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You have low stomach acid

If your stomach acid isn’t acidic enough then you are going to have digestion issues with food remaining undigested and fermenting within your intestines causing many bacterial issues and poop issues. Low stomach acid is very problematic for digestion as your body cannot extract the proteins and therefore amino acids properly and bloating can be a sign of that.

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You are tired

Now I have no research to support this which is very unlike me but I have noticed if I do not get enough sleep I am way more bloated and way more susceptible to being bloated. You need a minimum of 7 hours sleep per night but for me, I have found that between 8  is optimum.

You need more fermented foods in your day

fermented foods are things like kombucha, sauerkraut, kefir, water kefir, plain live yogurt. These foods can be really helpful in beating the bloat.

Being bloated and feeling uncomfortable in your body isn’t normal and you don’t have to live with it. Take some action! Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

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