How to Stop Binge Eating & Shift Your Mindset (Ep 08)

Mar 28, 2018 | Nutrition, Podcast

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What happens when you want to eat healthily but you can’t help but binge on cookies/crisps/wine/whatever. You feel guilty, you feel like a failure and you’re stuck. But how do you even begin to shift your mindset – it can just seem like such an overwhelming task.


So this week my good friend Laura from Wholeheartedly Laura is talking with me how we can begin to transform our mindset . Because believe me it is possible and it essential for creating lifelong healthy habits.


>>> Get her free ‘Overcome All or Nothing Thinking E-Guide’  by Laura here.

(Find out more about Laura here and follow her on Instagram here.)


Show Summary

  • What our childhood default has to do with our relationship with food.
  • What is happening when you binge eat 
  • Why our emotions get wrapped up in our food and eating
  • The simple ways to shifts you mindset – free writing & some CBT techniques
  • A terrible rendition of a Spice Girls song by me…..sorrynotsorry


Resources mentioned

  • Emotional Freedom Technique –  here 
  • Laura’s Mindset eGuide – here


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