Pelvic Floor: Incontinence, Constipation & Orgasms (Ep 14)

May 8, 2018 | Nutrition, Podcast

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I LOVED this conversation with Lisa. We met in our business mastermind and she is a Female Health & Holistic Core Restore(R) Coach who supports women with mindset, movement & nutrition, from motherhood to menopause. And we have one juicy conversation.

We talk peeing yourself, getting to know ‘down there’ and why having a healthy pelvic floor is essential for ALL women – not just pre or postnatal ladies. And this area is something that impacts so MANY women. If you’re struggling with continence issue 10 years after giving birth or maybe you’ve never had a baby but struggling with constant UTI’s or incontinence – you are not alone and this episode will empower and educate you to truly heal from the inside out.

In this episode we cover

  • What your ‘pelvic floor’ means?
  • How poor pelvic floor could be impacted you
  • Why it’s not just for pregnant women!
  • How it impacts constipation
  • Orgasms and knowing your body
  • 3 basic daily steps to support healthy pelvic floor

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