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My Essential Guide to Being Pregnant! The 5 things to focus on… {Ep 31}

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When you are pregnant you can very quickly become bombarded with lots of things you SHOULD or shouldn’t do. So in this weeks episode, I boil it down to the 5 areas that I personally have focused on in my own recent pregnancy:

  • Planning the ‘5th Trimester’ (find out what I mean by that in the show  and postpartum period) 
  • Nutrition – the 3 foods to focus on eating and being kind to yourself
  • Calming the nervous system – learning how to ‘flick the switch’
  • Assembling your holistic healthcare team – the therapies I’ve used to keep me healthy/sane during pregnancy
  • Essential supplements that I take

I also talk about how I have found pregnancy a challenging experience and why I have focused on being utterly SELFISH during this time!


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The ONLY books I’ve read during pregnancy…



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