Mindfulness & Overcoming Restrictive Eating with Jenna Sinclair {Ep 36}

Oct 10, 2018 | Nutrition, Podcast

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Today we have the special privilege of having one fabulous woman join us on the virtual Gut Goddess sofa – Jenna Sinclair.

She is a food blogger and lover of all things FAT over at rawrhubarb.co.uk, Jamie Oliver Food Ambassador and a Positive Existential Life Coach over at livingintentionally.co.uk (oh and she is also doing her MSc in psychology to boot!)

And in this episode, we talked about

  • how she shifted from severely restricting calories, binging and making herself sick, to now being in the best shape of her life
  • how mindfulness and meditation  has played a big role in her health
  • the power of the mind to transform our reality
  • the placebo effect and why we both love it
  • and so much more…

If you have ever been tempted to restrict your calories and eat only Ryvita then make sure you listen using the app above



Resources mentioned

  • A sample of Jenna’s ‘Jamie Oliver Twist’ Recipe – HERE
  • Headspace app for meditation
  • Cereal Killer documentary
  • Take the Gut Goddess Quiz HERE
  • Sam Harris’s video link about mediation being preparation for the worst day of your life  – HERE
  • Read more about why fats are so good for you HERE







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