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Intuitive Eating & Body Acceptance with Harri Rose {Ep 41}

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This podcast is going to blow your mind. If you struggle to begrudgingly like, never mind love, your body. Struggle to remove yourself from the claws of dieting culture and constantly find yourself stuck back on ‘the wagon’. This conversation with Body Acceptance Health Coach Harri Rose will rock your world.


If you know you want and need to love your body more. Know you need to embrace a more intuitive eating approach. And want to ditch the ‘noise’ around food and finally create a healthy, NORMAL relationship with food and your body. Then please listen to this episode, as Harri shares 3 FABULOUSLY SIMPLE tips on how to make a shift that lasts.


So listen and maybe share it with your friends! And follow Harri HERE on Instagram and on her website HERE .


Resources Mentioned:

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  • Intuitive Eating Book – get it HERE
  • Body of Truth Book – get it HERE


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