When You’re Tired of Being Tired: SLEEP! {Ep 68}

Jul 3, 2019 | Nutrition, Podcast



We all know that sleep is important but how much sleep should we be getting? What do we do if you can’t sleep or are caring for someone else that interrupts our sleep (*cough* tiny children!)? In this episode, I am debunking some sleep myths and explaining some of the BASIC approaches to improving your sleep and therefore your energy!


Tired of being tired?
Suspect – or know – you have thyroid issues but really want to get your energy back?
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Resources Mentioned

  • Listen to the Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Plan HERE
  • Blue light filter glasses – HERE
  • This is the app I use to filter blue light from my laptop HERE
  • The study showing that less sleep might be helpful – HERE 
  • Join the Thyroid Masterclass HERE




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