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How to Make Your Periods Your Superpower {Ep 77 }

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September on the podcast is all about hormones – sex hormones specifically. And this week we are talking all about your menstrual cycle AKA your period. Most women I speak to don’t talk lovingly about their periods. It’s more of a thing to endure or medicate away entirely.

But what if. What if your periods actually made your life better. What if they helped you not hindered you.

Well, my friend, it’s possible and in this episode, I am going to show you how



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Resources mentioned

  • I mentioned an episode from the archive with Claire Baker on the podcast. I can’t find it 🙁 but you can find out more about Claire here 
  • The Pill: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – listen here
  • The Four Essential here
  • Myflo App by Alisa Vitti – I LOVE this ap its a great educational tool
  • The Lunar Abundance book – if you’re not bleeding but want to honour your cyclical nature then the MOON is a great thing to track. (This is what I’ve been doing whilst being pregnant and not having a period since my baby)


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