How to Balance Your Hormones & Periods {Ep 79}

Sep 26, 2019 | Nutrition, Podcast

What do you do when you suspect your hormones are OFF? Leap head first into weird and wonderful supplements or ‘magic wands’ that offer the promise of instant fixes?


No. Whilst those things can really help, there are some BASICS that need to be covered whether you want to heal your adrenals, thyroid or menstrual cycle and THAT is what this show is all about!



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Resources mentioned

  • Find out more about working with me one one one HERE
  • The Green Smoothie Challenge HERE
  • Recipes full of the fab fat-burning four HERE
  • Six Everyday Detox Tips to help your liver  HERE
Why do you have awful PMS? (Ep 290)

Why do you have awful PMS? (Ep 290)

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