Constipation #1: Why & What to Do! {Ep 85}

Nov 6, 2019 | Nutrition, Podcast



Pooping every day is a must if you want to feel energised, well, happy and slim! It really is…buuuttt so many people come to me struggling.

Struggling to have a normal daily bowel movement and that, my friend is what we’re going to fix in this 2 part episode. This week I  will share with you the 3 BASIC steps to sort out your poop as well as WHY you’re struggling in the first place. Then next week we are going to take it further and look at some more advanced strategies that I would use with clients. So are you ready?


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Resources mentioned:

  •  Join the Green Smoothie Challenge here
  • Are you low in…good bacteria? Listen here
  • Watch the video about your pooping posture here
  • Join the waitlist for Nourish  here


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