Is Your HOME Making You Sick & Tired? {Ep 137}

Nov 10, 2020 | Home, Podcast

I talk A LOT about people’s hormones, poop, sugar cravings, and other geeky biomarkers when I run labs with my clients. 

BUT I also ask a lot about someone’s home along the way. The environment you’re in. The air you’re breathing. The chemicals going onto your skin, food, and surfaces ALL MATTER. And they could be making your symptoms worse, or even be the trigger for your recent decline in symptoms.

So in this week’s podcast, I am sharing the most common home ‘toxins’ that I see impacting my client the most and the 5 simple things you can do to start making your home environment a place that GIVES you energy rather than takes it.

Sounds good right? Then click the link above to dive in 😉


Resources Mentioned:

  • The Moldy documentary HERE
  • You can use the Night Mode setting on all apple products or download an app like Flu.x to reduce blue light on your screens and devices HERE
  • Blue light filtering glasses – these are the ones I use
  • Make sure you get on my email list and do the Gut Goddes Quiz HERE








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