MINI #4: This is why it feels HARD

Nov 24, 2022 | Podcast

If you have ever felt like your body and your health has been hard and difficult to work on, I just want to let you know that if you have a female body, then the female body being healthy and good, and well actually hasn’t been something that has been valued, prioritised, or promoted in our Western culture for a really, really long time.

So, we inadvertently get trained and unconsciously told and have done since we were little, that how we feel doesn’t matter, that our bodies as females aren’t our own and that actually the safest thing to do is to potentially disconnect from our physicality because it’s dangerous and it’s not ours to own anyway. So there’s nothing we can do about it.

If you then add into that the medical bias and the lack of data that we’ve had, the lack of investment in research into medical treatments and all of that stuff for specifically females, if you add into that the assumption that women are just small men medically speaking, you can then begin to build a picture and understand and then have so much compassion for yourself and for your body.

So many of the people that I work with find their relationship with their body and their health really hard, and then they can quickly jump to blaming themselves for that or their lack of self control or willpower or like some personal failing.

I just wanna gently remind you and offer you this other option of thought that is the system has actually been rigged against you for a really, really long time.

Systems, structures, thought patterns, paradigms have actually created an environment that probably has made it really hard for you in a female body to be well, to have a healthy relationship with your body, to be connected to your physicality, to know and understand.

Take your periods, for example, growing up, that was such a shameful thing. You used to hide that you wouldn’t tell anyone about it, and therefore, what we shame we don’t learn about.

So many women don’t really even know about their own biology, their own cycle. Just using that as an example because it’s been so gross and shameful and something to hide when actually it’s something that the entire human race depends on. (But that’s a whole other topic)

So, I hope this thought has been helpful. I hope that this gives you some permission to just be a bit more compassionate to yourself.

You’ve been doing the best job you can. You’ve been doing the best job with the tools that you’ve been given, and the reason that things have been hard is not necessarily a personal failing. It probably isn’t. You’ve gotta look at the bigger context of everything that’s been in our world and the structures that we have influencing us.

So, I hope that gives you hope, and I just encourage you to just be a bit kinder to yourself today.

And a really great way to counteract this is to actually really learn to celebrate yourself and the areas of progress that you make instead of thinking about everything you haven’t done. Really think about what you have done and celebrate that.

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