Change the World



Here at Super Naturally Healthy we are not just aiming to get you healthier and happier but we have a sneaky plan to change the world too!


We are so passionate about helping you create the health and life that you have always dreamed of. To overcome health issues, to get and stay healthy, to feel energised as well as enjoy delicious food.


Because this is all about freedom. When you have energy, are well, full of confidence and free from the restriction that ill health can bring, you are able to live from the powerful place of freedom and this is the best place to be.


So ultimately in our Super Naturally Healthy pursuit, we are aiming to bring freedom.


Freedom for you and the world around you.


So this is where changing the world comes in. We are passionate about everyone living in liberty which is why we support work that fights the human trafficking in our nation and the world. We think that every woman and child has the right to choose the life they want to lead and to live a life free from fear.


We invite you to join us in this, with every single purchase you make you help the freedom of health grow not only in your life but in the life of others too. 



Every month we donate a portion of profits to City Hearts , a charity in Sheffield helping men and women involved in trafficking to find freedom, which we have visited and are very eager to support the work of in any way possible. Find out more about City Hearts here.


We also give to the Kings Arms Project – my old employer – but also a charity that is doing amazing work with the homeless and refugees in the south of England.


So why not start investing into your own health so that you can invest in the health and wellbeing of women all across the world!