5 Steps To Healing Your Gut

Jun 9, 2015 | GAPS, Nutrition

5 Steps to Helaing your Gut

You know that I am all about gut health.

In fact I think that poor gut health (and by gut I mean the system from your mouth right to you rectum aka the gastrointestinal tract) it is the major cause of most of our diseases, ailments, pains and problems. So looking after your gut, healing it, nourishing it and giving it what it needs is so important for long term health.

If you are suffering from bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, hormone imbalance, infertility, eczema, serious, acne, IBS, Chrons, joint issues or any other auto immune issue then chance are you gut is not as healthy as it could be. As hypocrites said – all disease begins in the gut.

So today I share with you 5 Steps To Healing Your Gut  to get your gut in tip-top shape, so come join me at my dining room table and find out how to heal your digestive system and wave goodbye to IBS and other problems for good:)



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Here are the five steps I talk about and other resources to help you along the way

  1.  Get rid of processed foods and eat naturally. If you want help with this then make sure you are part of my Super Naturally Healthy Tribe – click here to sign up and get your freebies!
  2. Welcome in healing foods. Especially things like bone broth and gelatine (in marshmallow form!)
  3. Say hello to natural fats. Read here to find out why.
  4. Say goodbye to eating grains and gluten. Read here for why gluten is a problem and check our my recipe section for tons of grain and gluten free recipes.
  5. Start eating more fermented food. This is my favourite one to make and enjoy with eggs!


 Have you heard much about gut health? Do you already eat any fermented foods?


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