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Things that I Use & Love!

These links take you to Amazon which is where I get the bulk of my supplies. You get the same cheap prices as you would normally and I get a small amount of commission that goes towards making the world a healthier happier place!
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Great-Lakes Gelatin (16 oz)

To make marshmallows…or gummy bears!

Bio-Kult Probiotics

A great daily probiotic

Kefir Starter Culture

What I use to create dairy-kefir


The only ‘protein powder’ I use

Food-Based Multi-Vitamin

A great all-rounder for women

Magnesium Spray

A simple way to get more Magnesium

Vitamin D Spray

A must-have if you live in the UK!

Vitamin C

I LOVE this and take it daily

Greens Powder

Tastes like chocolate milk but also a perfect addition to your smoothies

Dandelion Root Tea

Great for supporting your liver and detoxification

Epsom Salts

A great source of magnesium and I put these in my bath once or twice a week

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

A great supplement with healthy DHA, EPA fatty acids, vitamin A and D. Essential for the brain, skin and immune system!

Bulk Raw Honey

Cheaper in bulk and so tasty

Coconut Oil

Bulk coconut oil in a glass jar!

Creamed Coconut

Cheaper than canned and great for curries

Coconut Flour

I use this for muffins and in many of my recipes

Hemp Protein Powder

My go-to vegetarian protein-powder

Apple Cider Vinegar

A good digestive-aid which can help with reflux

Maca Powder

Great addition to cookies and smoothies – said to help balance hormones

Organic Ghee

In case you don’t want to make your own

Organic Cacao

My go-to cocoa for all things chocolate!

Natural Mascara

The one I use without the crap


Shampoo without all the junk

Castile Soap

Not just for the shower – I use this for so many things

Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

Fluoride is not your thyroid’s friend

Body Brush

Great for softer skin and detoxification

Hand Blender

I use my blender 1-2 times a day – a great investment

Magimix Food Processor

Perfect for grating, baking, mixing and making cake!

Infrared Sauna Blanket

I love mine! I use it weekly and it helps with joints, energy and detoxification

Grounding Sheet

I don’t go to sleep without mine on my bed – great for energy and body pain

Slow Juicer

Keeps more of the nutrients

Nut Milk Bag

Makes homemade nut-milk-making so muhc easier!


These high powered blenders are a great investment – I use mine at least once a day.

Nuk Glass Bottles

Glass bottles mean no nasty chemicals leaching into the milk!


We LOVE this and have used it non stop!

Nanny Care

We used this as an alternative to cows milk formula and it worked a treat


A fabulous FULL FAT and organic formula with no added nasties.

Cheeky Wipes

These are SO easy to use, cheaper than wipes and better for baby and the planet!

White Noise Machine

Bedtime win! Can be cordless or plugged in and no flashing lights!

Baby Probiotics

We used these to help get rid of eczema as well as help the gut

Baby Vitamin D

It’s really important that baby gets vitamin D for brain development!

Eczema Cream

Great for babies and adults!

Disposable Natural Nappies

We loved these before transitioning to reusables! Very absorbent and no nappy rash!

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

I add a few drops of this to formula for essential DHA

Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Sarah Myhill – A must-read for anyone with CFS

The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology

Stephen T. Sinatra – Struggling with heart issues? Read this!

Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple

Danielle Walker – Grain-free & paleo recipes – I love my copy!

Nourishing Traditions

Sally Fallon – Your real food bible! From fermented foods to broth – its got it in here

Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Natasha Campbell-McBride – A hardcore program but great for severe digestive issues and autism

The Mama Natural Guide to Pregnancy & Childbirth

Genevieve Howland – A week to week guide for a more natural approach to pregnancy

Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth

Jolene Brighten – A guide for natural healing after birth