The Belly Program

The Belly Program

transform your energy, fix your digestion & love your life 


You wake up feeling tired even though you slept well. You struggle to know what to eat for breakfast that will make you feel good and getting dressed…well that is not easy. You need to find clothes that will look good but also adapt (and disguise) your ever expanding bloated belly.


You only seem to wake up after a shot of caffeine or sugar but still feel sluggish. You don’t know what to eat for lunch and dinner time is stressful! What do you cook and eat to help you feel good (nevermind what will everyone else enjoy)? You’ve tried different ways of eating before but you can’t seem to stick at anything long enough to see any changes or results. It’s so frustrating! And your hormones…well thats a whole other story of pain, moodiness and fatigue.



You crave sugar all the time, use coffee or tea as a crutch to make it through the day (or you take a nap).  Plus you may have other health issues going on too but you don’t feel satisfied with the treatments or options being offered to you. You feel like what you eat could make a difference but you’re not sure where to begin. You have a draw full of supplements or weird foods that you’ve tried but haven’t helped.


It just feels like you’re clutching at straws and getting nowhere.


And deep down you wonder if some of this is all in your head, are you making it up? Are you being over dramatic and do you just need to buck up and accept crappy health as your ‘lot’? But you see how your constant low energy, bloating, pain, low mood and other symptoms are impacting your life, your family, your dreams, your work and your social life – and it is making you miserable.


But what if you could change all this and feel really good?


Imagine if you woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. With your energy lasting throughout the day allowing you to get on all the things that are important to you. Your clothes fit comfortably all day long and you felt confident to shop for new jeans or summer dresses (or fit into old ones) because you felt so good in your skin.

Your belly was flatter and it felt like when you ate food you actually digested it with no issues or drama. Your skin, hair, and nails all improved were able to absorb all the good food you’re eating. You no longer need a sugar fix after every meal or coffee to wake you up! Your hormones are more balanced and your periods are regular and pain-free.



Plus your not afraid of eating out or treating yourself to your favourite food because you know your body can handle it. In fact your relationship with food feels really good – balanced and normal. And dinner time was easy and calm – you knew exactly what to eat to feel good. And it tastes good! You feel free to enjoy food and eat in an intuitive mindful way.. You’re confident about what you eat as you KNOW it is doing your unique body good.


And it’s not just you – everyone around you notices your new energy, your new body confidence, and your healthy glow. And it feels awesome.



Does this sound familiar?


  • You’re fed up of feeling tired and bloated every single day but have no idea what will help.
  • You are overwhelmed by all the information and have tried to ‘go it alone’ but made very little progress.
  • You are sick of your ongoing digestive issues – they make you anxious and you feel limited.
  • Weight has crept on and doesn’t seem to shift no matter how hard you try.
  • You end the day feeling like you’re bursting out of your clothes because you’re so bloated.


I am a Holistic Nutritionist who works with women who are fed up of feeling bloated and tired.

They’re not happy with their weight and are tired of constant digestive issues and knowing what to eat. I create a nutritional and lifestyle plan that helps them fix their digestion and hormones so that they can feel good in their clothes, and get back to living their lives.





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As a result of working with me, you could:

  • Increase your energy and wake up feeling refreshed and excited about the day!
  • Have a clear plan for overcoming your health challenges and ongoing symptoms so that you can feel good QUICKLY
  • Feel like you’re finally digesting your food well and feeling the benefit of all the food you eat
  • Notice happier hormones and period, normal bowel movements,  less sugar cravings and looser clothes (if you have weight to lose)
  • Notice your mood is better and you are able to handle the stresses of life with much more ease
  • Feel confident that you’re not only eating well to feel good now but also know you’re taking action to prevent future disease
  • Ditch the bloating and embarrassing symptoms for good
  • Feel confident to work with your Dr’s around your health issues and feel like you have a ‘team’ of people working with you to reach your goals.
  • Eat delicious foods that taste good but also help you reach your goals


The Belly Program: Your 14 Week Program

What it looks like:

>> Holistic Health questionnaire & Flourish eBook

You will fill in an online questionnaire before our session to jumpstart the process and get you seeing results as fast as possible. I also send you an ebook that introduces you to a holistic way of healing and nourishing your body.

>> The Holistic Health Assessment:

This will be our first consultation together and a 90-minute session where you will have lots of ‘aha’ moments as you learn what’s really going on in your body and what your symptoms mean. On the call we will review your current health, symptoms, any test results or diagnosis you may have, review your medications and supplements and food diary so that we can make some simple changes that will give you big results ASAP.

>> Personalised Plan

After this session, and all following sessions you’ll get your bespoke plan of action so you can ditch the overwhelm and know exactly what you need to do in order to increase energy and support digestion.

This is a plan that is tailored specifically for you – no cookie-cutter formulas! I go away and do my research and dive DEEP into your symptoms, health issues, medications and history.  In order to a unique program for you to follow so that you are no longer stabbing in the dark hoping to feel better. I do the hard work and the research so you can focus on getting well and living your life. It will outline all the action steps and contains links, recipe, supplement protocols, meal plans and recommended lab tests so that you can save time and start feeling better immediately.

(Please note private laboratory testing are an additional cost and prices vary from £30- £335) depending on the test. These are entirely optional.)


Within the first 3 weeks we will have another session that will solely focus on how you can set yourself up for success. This session will zoom in on what your biggest obstacles are and how you can overcome them so that you no longer get in your own way or feel like you’re always ‘falling off track’.


>> Consultations every 3 weeks

Then every 3 weeks we will meet again for another consultation (a total of 4 consultations) so that we can, step by step, implement your unique Belly Program so that you never feel alone or overwhelmed.

>> Weekly Accountability and Resources

Making changes can feel hard – so that’s why in between sessions you get weekly email support, endless recipe suggestions or meal plan ideas and the expertise you need to overcome obstacles or dips in motivations. I become your biggest cheerleader and coach!

>> Final Review

Then after 3 or 4 months we meet again and celebrate all your success and review the amazing changes you’ve seen so that you can see how far you’ve come. This is also where we make a plan for you moving forward so you feel equipped and ready to keep on feeling good and keep on making progress.


I know that it can feel scary and lonely when you’re struggling with your health. That you can feel like a crazy person and you wonder if you will ever feel well again. It’s overwhelming, frustrating and confusing – but that’s where I can help.

You CAN create lasting health – so that you can get on with living your beautiful life!



Total: £1200

Pay in full for 5% discount = £1140


Payment plans are available and flexible (most people pay X4 payments of £300 but we can make it work for you)



Want to get started?

Excellent! Here’s how it will work.

Step 1. Click here to book your free 20-minute phone call to ask your questions and make sure it’s the perfect fit for you.

Step 2. After our phone call, you’ll get the email all the payment information. Then once you have paid you will receive an email from me with everything you need to get started and book your first session.

Step 3. Then you’ll complete the ‘Pre- Session’ tasks and then we’ll have your first consultation via zoom (similar to skype but easier) and get started!!


I can’t wait to watch you feel lighter, brighter and so much more energised!!


Want to get started – book your free phone chat with me here.



Before my sessions with Kezia I needed guidance on where to start and how to work towards having a healthy gut.

I had irregular, soft poo/diarrhea, along with stomach cramps and bloating wind. My energy was also low.

Now I poo every day now – yay! Have far less bloating and wind and stomach cramping before a poo.

My main hesitation was financial but I would definitely recommend Kezia! 

Catherine D Wife/Mum/Charity Worker


Before working with Kezia my health was in the toilet. Literally! I felt consistently unwell and was controlled by my erratic and loose bowels.
Since our program, I have increased and balanced energy throughout the day. Far less bloating, no diarrhea and a little bit of healthy weight loss!
Before hand I did wonder if I’d find it hard to be coached by someone online and geographically so far away, I loved the ability to email at any time and book emergency slots if necessary. It was a comfort knowing the option was there.
And  I would absolutely recommend Kezia – I already have been!  She is incredibly empathetic and knowledgeable and everything is well thought out. 


After a couple of serious stomach infections in 2010… I struggled with my digestion and energy levels. Even after eliminating gluten and lactose from my diet two years ago, I would go through phases of extreme fatigue and I’d still suffer with bloating, nausea, cramping sensations and unpredictable bowel movements on most days. My sleeping pattern was all over the place and I had got to the point where I never thought I was going to have a good quality of life again. On top of all this, I often had panic attacks and stopped wanting to leave the house at all because I was scared of feeling ill.

Since starting working with Kezia my overall health has improved. The first thing I noticed was a dramatic increase in energy, I was able to wake up several hours earlier than I normally would and I didn’t feel the need to nap in the afternoon either. Furthermore, my sleeping pattern improved and after a month or two…

I’ve also noticed an improvement in my stomach aches and nausea. I’m not as scared of eating anymore, and I know how to nourish my body….

 The improvement in my physical health has helped improve my anxiety and all in all I feel like I am now truly on the journey to recovery.

 It seemed like a bit of a risk considering I had no idea if I’d actually feel better, but it has been completely worth it. You cannot put a price on your health, and there’s no point in having money if you’re not well enough to enjoy spending it!

Jemima Hardy – Student