The Thyroid Workshop



Trying really hard to get healthy and slim and getting no results is the most depressing thing ever.

Heading out for a run come rain or shine for months on the end and not noticing the slightest difference in your waist and energy is not fun.

And heading to bed exhausted, unable to invest in friend or family time because you NEED those 10, 11 hours of  (unrefreshing) sleep…..



But imagine if it were different. If….


A. you knew you weren’t insane or pathetic or a totally hypochondriac

B. you had a plan of action that is going to help your get and stay energised!


Well, it is possible and I want to show you how!

  Join me for


The Thyroid Healing Workshop

This LIVE online group coaching workshop where I will outline exactly what you need to nourish and heal your thyroid.



Who the heck am I?

You see I spent years thinking I was some crazy lady, who was just stuck with being tired and depressed (thyroid issues and depression go hand in hand!) Then finally I realised that I had an auto immune thyroid issues that were holding me back. I wasn’t ‘bad enough’ to warrant standard medical support so I had to sort out myself, naturally supporting my healing through diet, lifestyle and targeted supplementation

Since then, as a holistic health coach,  I have helped lots of other women learn how to eat, live and supplement so they can get their energy BACK!


How do you know if you have an issue with your thyroid?

Here is who this workshop is for, you:

  • have already been tested and know but are not finding that drugs are helping
  • tried and failed to lose weight
  • are super exhausted ALL the time no matter how much sleep you have
  • your hair is falling out
  • you are cold all the time
  • you have thinning edges of outer eyes brow
  • your digestion is uncomfortable
  • you periods are weird, uncomfortable or irregular
  • you suspect you might have thyroid issues 
  • you have a family history of thyroid problems 

Please note you DO NOT need to have a diagnosed thyroid issue to benefit from this workshop – if your thyroid function is just sluggish then it can cause lots of issues. This workshop will help you optimise your whole hormones system and feel awesome!


Praise for Online Group Coaching Workshops 


The Workshop

This live, interactive group coaching session where together we will dive into how you can reclaim your energy ASAP.

On Wednesday 23rd August at 7.30-9.15pm I am running an online workshop where we will cover:

  • Why you’re tired all the time
  • What is the thyroid, what it does and how do you know if yours is ok?
  • Testing – from private lab tests to simple DIY home ones
  • What do you do?
  • What to eat lots of and what to avoid to get you energy back
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Why you need to love your liver
  • Why it impacts your sex hormones, digestion and how to fix it 
  • Time for Q&A where you can pick my brain
  • Pre-workshop assessment so I can tailor it to suit YOUR needs.
  • Access to a recording of the workshop, meal plans, and tons of fab follow-up resources
  • Detailed supplement protocol

(If you can’t make it live then you will get access to the workshop recording and opportunity to submit questions before hand)


So you could just keep on getting more and tired and cluelessly random supplements to help OR you could get equipped with everything you need to begin nourishing your thyroid.





Early Bird offer now on £39 – £29

Start healing TODAY.

Avoid the overwhelm and information over load.

And get a clear plan of action that works!




Where does this workshop happen?
This is an ONLINE workshop. It is super easy to join but you do need the internet and a device (tablet, smartphone or computer) to join.

Will I get a private session with Kezia?
No this is a group workshop. I will review you health assessment before hand and tailor the workshop according to your and other attendee’s needs.

Will I get told what supplements to take and where to take them?
Yes, I will recommend some supplement and give you a follow up document with everything you need to get started.

What if I can’t make it live?
That is fine you will get access to the recording and other bONUS materials and can email me questions prior to the workshop that I can ensure I cover.




Fill in this form and I will get right back to you!





Early Bird offer now on £39 – £29