Lemon & Coconut Butter Creams: The Healthy Way to Beat Your Sugar Cravings

Feb 24, 2015 | GAPS, Recipes, Snacks + Treats

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We all get that peckish feeling don’t we? Maybe in the afternoon or after dinner when we just fancy something a bit sweet.

It always makes me think of Winnie the Pooh who would always say ‘its time for something sweet’ and I concur – sometime only sweet things will do and after chatting with Laura last week for our podcast all about sugar I thought it would be time to share my secret weapon when it comes to naturally dealing with sugar cravings. 

I have done quite a few sugar detoxes over my time so I know only too well that feeling of needing sugar even though you are not actually hungry. Oh yes we have all been there haven’t we? So today I will share with your my super delicious secret snack for keeping sugar craving at bay.

These Lemon and Coconut Butter Creams are the perfect way to meet you afternoon sugar shouts as they are filled with saturated fats which won’t make you fat, in fact they will help keep you full and balance your blood sugar help you wave cheerio to sugar cravings (Find out more about why I love fats here). The raw honey in these also help the body heal and even with things like hormones balance. Yes I know many of you fellow heath geeks will be thinking ‘but raw honey is high in fructose’ but I personally feel that it is the most natural and beneficial sweetener out there and my body loves it, so when eaten in moderation I have no problem eating it. In fact here are 15 uses for it that don’t just include food!

Plus did I say these taste awesome and slightly addictive….

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Made with creamed concentrated coconut, perhaps my most favourite of coconut products, these cube also pack a powerful nutritional punch but you can find out more about that here where I write about the benefits of coconuts. I buy my coconut cream from amazon in bulk (although many again supermarkets will sell it too in it unorganic form) and that is also where I buy my raw honey from too , again in bulk (yes I am THAT king of gal – if you walked into my bathroom you would find a 25kg bag of bicarbonate of soda!!).  

As for the lemon oil, I have been using essential oils for years but I have been getting all my essential oils from DoTerra for the last few months and as they are such high quality I have been able to  start using them in food – which is pretty exciting. IMG_1246But more on this later on in the week, but if you want to get you hands on some top quality lemon oil then just click here or email me for more questions. Oh and I got kindly sent the wonderful naturally sweetened cranberries from friend over at Real Food Source – so much great stuff over at their shop:)

So grab yourself some coconut, lemon and raw honey and bop your sugar cravings on the head with these tasty treats. And as always I recommend making them in bulk and then just keeping them in the freezer for immediate tasty snacks. 

Lemon & Coconut Butter Creams

Kezia Hall
A simple way to beat sugar cravings - dairy gluten and sugar free!
Servings 12 portions


  • 20 g organic creamed coconut
  • 3 tbsp raw honey
  • 2 pinch quality salt
  • 7-10 drops lemon essential oil
  • 100 ml water
  • Handful of naturally sweetened cranberries to decorate - optional


  • Chop the coconut up and place all ingredients in the food processor with just a dash of water. Then run the food processor and add the water.
  • Let it blend for about 4-5 minutes until a smooth runny mixture is formed.
  • Taste and add more lemon or honey to taste.
  • Place cranberries at bottom on mould if using one or simply in a greased and lined dish cater a few cranberries. The pour the mixture into the dish and allow to set in fridge for about 1.5 hours.
  • The slice and serve.
  • Store in fridge.


Please don't just use any lemon essential oil - make sure it is food grade and high quality. It should say on the bottle.
 How do you deal with sugar cravings? Are you a raw honey fan?

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  1. Hi Kezia, I tried making this recipe (looks delicious), but it seems that the measurements aren’t correct. Do you use 20 or 200 grams of coconut cream? Thanks for the inspiration! Xx Nienke


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