8 Super Naturally Healthy Breakfasts Recipes

Mar 14, 2017 | Breakfast, Nutrition, Recipes

Breakfast recipes


Breakfast. You either love it or hate it.


It’s either a crazy mad ass rush to shovel food in your (and potential others) mouth,  get dressed, find everyone’s shoes and make sure you go outside with your clothes on the right way and with a fresh pair of pants on….


Or it’s a serene meditative and mindful experience where you slowly enjoy your food whilst also taking a moment to be grateful and to share it on Instagram…..


But really whatever, breakfast is the BOMB for your body. In fact, with nearly ALL my one to one clients and everyone in my Clubhouse group coaching community, I tell them to eat more at breakfast, specifically to eat more FAT and PROTEIN.


Why? These lovely foods will help stablise your blood sugar all day long which mean more sustained energy and happier mood for you. In a nut shell anyway, I could geek out further but trust me on this 😉


But breakfast can feel fraught OR super dull. So if you need some gluten, dairy, and sugar-free breakfast options then lovely here you go!


Super Naturally Healthy Breakfast


8 Super Naturally Healthy Breakfast Ideas


1. Peanut & Seed Breakfast Bars {Vegan & High Protein}….by my friend Laura

Laura’ make ahead protein breakfast bars, just use gluten free oats!


2. High Protein Chocolate Green Smoothie...that’s fruit free!!

Because green smoothies are the BOMB and this on is fruit free!


3.Peanut Butter & Banana Breakfast Loaf….because cake for breakfast is the dream.

Make ahead option. With some homemade nutella from The Sweet Treat Collection… …mmmmmm 


4.Cinnamon Apple Breakfast Quinoa Porridge….. that’s not porridge!!

Need to mix up your morning porridge? The why not get some quinoa involved for added protein.


5. Kedgeree with poached egg…if you want something a bit different. 

Eggs in the morning are in my opinion one of the BEST ways to start your day so if your board of scrambled egg why not try this?



6. Green Smoothie Mocha

Blending chocolate coffee and green goodness is the perfect time saver and boy …..its YUM!


7. Mexcian Breakfast Wraps – Hola!

A bit of spice in the morning? Don’t mind if I do…..


8. Supercharged Chia Porridge….FUEL your morning with a twist on the classic!

Chia seeds are full of omega 3 fatty acids, protein and will fill you up for ages!


Want more sugar-free ideas and recipes to ensure you snack in a healthy way too?

Then make sure you grab your free Recipe eGuide below which is a comprehensive guide to Natural Sweetener – what to use, where to buy them and what recipes to use them in 😉






Gingerbread Mocha Recipe – Dairy & Sugar-Free

Gingerbread Mocha Recipe – Dairy & Sugar-Free

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