Going Gluten-Free: Fad, Fact or Fiction? (Ep 13)

Apr 30, 2018 | Nutrition, Podcast


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Is ‘going gluten-free‘ a total marketing fad? Is it some weird trend started by people who have it in for bread and quiche? Or is there some research, evidence and real benefit in following a gluten-free diet?


That is what this week juicy podcast episode is all about! In my nutrition online one to one practice, I often get asked about this. And I honestly think going gluten-free can make the WORLD of difference for some people. Is it the be all and end all – the magic solution to every problem you have? Err no.


But in this episode we look at:

    • Some personal updates from me
    • What research is there on a gluten-free diet
    • What specific symptoms and health conditions could benefit from this dietary approach
    • Why and how I run the Gluten-free experiment with 80% of my clients
    • My own story of going gluten-free and those of my clients
    • The 3 biggest mistake people make when trying contemplating going gluten-free
    • Why ‘gluten free’ labels on food DON’T mean healthy.
    • I also share with you my Ultimate Guide to Going Gluten Free – which you can download here


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