How I became an intuitive eater (and ditched binge eating) {Ep 58}

Apr 24, 2019 | Podcast



What is intuitive eating? What does it look like and do you just end up eating tons of doughnuts?

In this podcast, I share my own journey from binge eating and dieting to becoming an intuitive eater. I also share 9 principles that are the foundation to intuitive eating and the 2 actions steps you can start doing to help you move this way of eating.

I also let you know about my spring consultation offer ‘The Sugar Solution’ which you can find out more about HERE


Resources mentioned:

  • Interview with Harri Rose – Body Acceptance Coach HERE
  • Find out more about the Spring Consultation Program HERE
  • Leave me a review HERE



The beliefs that are holding you back (Ep 299)

The beliefs that are holding you back (Ep 299)

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