Signs & Symptoms of Stress – When you Don’t Feel Stressed! {Ep 84}

Oct 30, 2019 | Life, Podcast


I cannot tell you the number of times that clients have said to me a consultation ‘but Kezia I don’t feel that stressed’.

This is often when I have gone away and done my research and done some detective work about what is going on with their health and for so many women (and men – I have male clients too…just not as many!) stress is a foundational piece.

But maybe you don’t FEEL stressed. You don’t feel that emotion or aren’t reacting or in the corner crying and having an obvious outburst.

That doesn’t mean you’re not stressed…it might just mean that it’s become your normal!

And this podcast is SUCH an essential one as I talk about why stress is NOT a feeling – its a biochemical response and that is what we need to be aware of.


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