Daily Habits That Support My Gut Health & Digestion {Ep 93}

Jan 14, 2020 | Nutrition, Podcast


Unless you’ve been living under a Pinterest-free rock, it’s likely you’ve heard the phrase that all disease begins in the gut. Good old Hippocrates!

But if thats true, then if you want to boost your energy, balance your hormones, lose weight, support your mental health, ditch the bloat or IBS then you need to work on your gut health. 

And that is what I am talking about this week – I am sharing the 4 habits that I have to keep my gut in tip-top, ever increasingly, healthy shape.


Annnnnddddd of you want to see some belly transformations in 2020 then join me in the Beat the Bloat Challenge – 5 days to better energy and a flatter belly!

We kick off on 27th January and I’d love to have you join us! Click here for more info.


Resources mentioned

  • Digestion 1010 – listen here.
  • Here is the meditation app I mentioned – Insight Timer.
  • Here is the Tony Robbin’s meditations I use.
  • Here is the prebiotic powder I use in a smoothie or just in water or sprinkled  on food (it will last you for months!)
  • Mistakes and mistakes around food intolerances here.












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