Could it be you thyroid? {Ep 96}

Jan 29, 2020 | Nutrition, Podcast


January is thyroid awareness month and as I wanted to make sure we cover some important basics this month. So I thought it was time to revisit this topic and encourage you to ask the question – could it be your thyroid?

If you are struggling with your energy, weight, mood and feeling a bit stuck in the mud  – then it makes sense to ask this important question.

So if thyroid issue run in your family, if you are feeling stuck, depressed and tired and a bit grim then listen to this episode where I outlined all the thing that could be out of balance and what you can do to about it!

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Resources mentioned

  • Why your normal thyroid result might not be wrong? Listen here
  • Find out more about going gluten-free here
  • Find out more about working with me here
  • Join me in Nourish – find out more here






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