Daily Habits to Support Mental Health {Ep 121}

Jun 9, 2020 | Life, Podcast

There is so much happening in the world right now – isn’t there?

Some really hard stuff going on right now globally – economic uncertainty, sickness, job loss etc. Also, there is some much-needed upheaval too of oppressive systems that still exist in our society (namely the recent call to action to all white people around #blacklivesmatter). 

Plus I imagine in your own personal life there are some hard things too. For me personally – this past 18 months has been difficult, especially for my mental well being. And that is why today I wanted to talk about what I am and have been focusing on as I negotiate my way through more fragile waters when it comes to my own mental health and resiliency (that are actually leaving me more resilient than ever – from a mental health perspective).

So in this podcast, I share with you the 5 things I focus on when it comes to ‘building up’ my own mental health and resiliency.

(And in this podcast I do talk about my own response to the recent call to address our/my white privilege. I am learning and welcome any feedback in this area as I have been unpicking my own privilege for a while now but haven’t spoken publically about it due to fear of saying the wrong thing – the essence of white fragility! So I am speaking and will continue to speak about this and welcome your feedback as I dismantle my own white woman prejudice and ignorance. Thank you for bearing with me.)


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