A Truly Holistic Approach – Case Study {211}

Jul 20, 2022 | Podcast

In this week’s episode, we are talking about what a truly holistic approach is.

Sometimes we can think of holistic approach as an approach that means less results, maybe less effective or related to using crystals and woo kinds of things.

I want to point out that a holistic approach is really one of the most logical and strategic approaches to have.

Listen to the episode to hear me go through a case study with one of my clients to give you an example of what a holistic approach looks like and that if you want to see incredible results in your body, your belly, your hormones, your energy, in your thyroid and in your skin, you need to a) yes, address your body and look at the systems and gather all that data and b) you also need to look at the context upon which your body has lived and lives.

You have to look at both. This is often part of the problem of why people don’t see results or don’t sustain results. They’re only fixated on one problem. For example, if you have skin issues, you may look at what you can do to support your skin instead of having that holistic approach of looking at what your immune system is doing, your gut health, how much sleep you are getting, do you live in a toxic house? What’s your relationship with work? We look at things as a whole – that is a holistic approach.

When you apply this approach, incredible results happen – that’s the experience with me and my clients anyway.

So, if you would like to learn more about what a holistic approach looks like, listen to the case study and don’t forget to book in your free clarity call.

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