BTB Replay – May

Workshop Replays

Workshop 1

” Before working with Kezia I was incredibly bloated and constipated, depressed whenever I ate dinner, anxious, I had SIBO and I literally looked pregnant all the time!

Now I have less bloating, better bowels, I can digest food better, Im not depressed and I have less anxiety 😉

Anon client testimonial


Workshop 2 



“Before working with Kezia there I was struggling with bloating, slow digestion, frequent pain and tummy uncomfortableness. 

Since the working with Kezia, I’ve had no bloating, more regular bowel movements (I used to be constipated a lot), better energy and my body’s ability to more quickly heal itself if slightly irritated.

The cost was definitely worth it and I am glad I finally bit the bullet and made the changes I needed to make…And I would definitely recommend it – Kezia is knowledgable, personable, quick to respond to questions, understanding of different situations and gives permission to make choices of freedom surrounding food rather than just prescribing what you ‘should’ do.”

Nicola Welburn – HR Business Partner.



Coaching Calls

Coaching call #1 replay 


“I had been diagnosed with elevated thyroid antibodies and struggled with tiredness, low energy, bloating and numerous bouts of swelling in the mouth in the form of ulcers for example around my wisdom teeth. 

Now after the program Kezia created for me, my thyroid function returned to normal after 8 weeks of following the plan (according to blood test results)! 

 Kezia is knowledgable, understanding, patient and respectful at all times. Everyone needs a Kezia in their lives! “

Rhian – Mum/Professional/Diagnosed with underactive thyroid


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Coaching Call #2 Replay