Kezia Hall

Holistic Nutritionist & Coach

Workshop: How to Balance Your Hormones – whether you’re cycling, peri or post menopause(Single workshop)


Ready to enjoy a happier, flatter, comfortable, normal belly?

Want to have easeful digestion, normal poo, zero bloating, and know exactly what to eat to feel good?

No more worrying about not fitting into your trousers by the end of the day or having to check, recheck a million times where the toilets are, or just spend hours on the toilet!

Bloating does not need to be your everyday/week experience. You can have normal, boring bowels.

You can beat IBS and bloating. I see it all the time and I going to show you how….



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So if you want to:

⭐ Wake up feeling refreshed and FULL of energy.

⭐ Have a flatter belly and feel so comfortable in your clothes.

⭐ Have happier, more balance hormones and know how to use your cycle and hormones as your superpower!

⭐ Feel lighter, brighter happier ALL day with no need to lie down or stuff sugar in your mouth between 3-5pm.

⭐ Feel like your hormones are drama free – balance, healthy and actually working FOR you.

⭐ Improve your gut, mental, and immune health without feeling overwhelmed.

This is for you!


Get access to this LIVE group workshop and access to the limited-time replay.

>>> Monday 27th June @ 7.30pm BST- How to Beat Bloating & IBS <<<

(Want to come to ALL the Summer Workshop for just £33 – click here)


When you sign up you get access to:

  • ALL the live workshops with me
  • Access to the replays for 10 days following the live workshop date.
  • Personalised help through Q&A time and through the health questionnaire I ask you to fill in beforehand.
  • And some secret BONUSES too!

This is for you if:

  • You are fed up with feeling foggy, tired and like you are just surviving the day.
  • You are done with feeling bloated every day – it impacts how you dress and how you feel.
  • Are feeling STUCK, overwhelmed and making very little progress.
  • Have a massive afternoon energy slump where you want to nap.
  • Sleep well but are still tired.
  • Have awful periods, are struggling with menopause.
  • Can’t seem to shift body fat.
  • Have tried a few things but gotten too overwhelmed.
  • You are sick of having rubbish digestion, rubbish energy, and wonky hormones!


>>> We start on Monday 27th June –  sign up now!!!! <<<


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