Energise 7-Day Detox Program


Fed up with feeling tired, craving sugar, bloated and sluggish? 

Want to double your energy in just 7 days??? (And improve your belly, sleep, skin and mood while you’re at it?)

Join the ENERGISE 7-day Detox with holistic nutritionist & coach Kezia Hall – where I will personally support and coach you over the week to ensure you see results.

>>> We start on Sunday 22nd May –  sign up now!!!! <<<

So if you want to:

⭐ Wake up feeling refreshed and FULL of energy.

⭐ Have a flatter belly and feel so comfortable in your clothes.

⭐ Have less energy crashes and sugar cravings

⭐ Feel lighter, brighter happier ALL day with no need to lie down or stuff sugar in your mouth between 3-5pm.

⭐ Feel less bloated.

⭐ Improve your gut, mental, and immune health without feeling overwhelmed.

This is for you!


When you sign up you get access to:

  • 2-week sugar free meal plan, shopping list, and recipes – so that you save time and ditch overwhelm!
  • Daily support and accountability are provided – so you can’t hide or self-sabotage!
  • Live group coaching workshop – so that you get personalised feedback and we can talk in person/via zoom!
  • Improved digestion and better energy – so that you can live the life you want to liven and quit feeling like a failure!
  • And some secret BONUSES too!

This is for you if:

  • You are fed up with feeling foggy, tired and like you are just surviving the day.
  • You are done with feeling bloated every day – it impacts how you dress and how you feel.
  • Have a massive afternoon energy slump where you want to nap.
  • Sleep well but are still tired.
  • Feel addicted to sugar… no matter how hard you try it creeps back in!
  • Have tried a few things but gotten too overwhelmed.
  • You are sick of having rubbish digestion, rubbish energy, and wonky hormones!


>>> We start on Sunday 22nd May –  sign up now!!!! <<<

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