Simple Green Smoothies eBook


Ever wished that getting healthy, energised and a little bit fabulous was easier?
That you could just do ONE small thing that would have a MASSIVE impact on your skin, waistline, mood and body? 

Well you can.


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Simple Green Smoothies is your answer, and complete guide to getting back your GLOW. Whether you need to fit into your old jeans, have more energy at 4pm, or just nourish your awesome body then this is what you need.

Once you get this book and simply just add one of the green smoothies or juice to your day you will probably find you:

  • Have more energy throughout the day
  • That your skin is looking brighter, clearer and healthier
  • Feel freaking awesome from the inside out
  • Are so surprised at how incredibly easy AND delicious it is
  • Start getting compliments about how well you look
  • Lose some of the bulge and a whole lot of belly bloating
  • Start craving green smoothie goodness
  • Start to GLOW inside and out

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Once purchased you get an email with instant access to the following: 

  • A complete guide on how to make smoothies, what blender to buy, what ingredients to use and why.
  • Instant access a personal 10 Day Green Smoothie Challenge to get you in the groove.
  • The Green Goddess 7 Day Cleanse to get you feeling completely radiant for those that want to take it a step further with 7 Day Meal Plan (not vegan). 
  • Get the Glow Food and Mood Diary to be your personal coach week by week.
  • Everything you need to know about Green Smoothies. With 25 Green Smoothie recipes including things like my Chocolate Super Shake ( yes you can have it for breakfast!), Pecan Pie Smoothie, Peaches and Cream, Carrot Cake,  Lemonade Detox and Cherry Bakewell and so many more. I have have a section completely inspired by pudding and sweet treats so trust me getting healthy has never tasted so GOOD.
  • A complete guide to juicing. With 10 delightful juice recipes suitable for beginners and juicing pros alike.
  • Plus as an added extra I have also provided some awesome chapter on making nut and seed milk recipes for you. No need to buy expensive almond milk any more as I share with you my creamy cashew milk, coconut milk, pistachio and cardamom and my super seed milk (nut allergy friendly of course) recipes so that you can save money and feel fabulous.

BONUS – limited time only!!

  • And because it is you I have also thrown in a brand new, can’t get it anywhere else Mega Milkshake Recipe eBook with 8 different decadent milkshakes to give you a delicious treat in 1 minute flat. With recipes like Mint Choc Chip, Peanut Butter and Banana Bonanza  or Chai Milkshakes – your going to want to get your hands on this! 


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 Does it work?

Well don’t let me be the one to tell you, here is what people say once they get on the Green Smoothie train…


“I’ve never eaten so much green veg! I have lost my extra bit of bulge over my jeans and I think that’s related to one or two kilos from my weight 🙂 I also feel that I can be a little bit more healthy in what I eat and haven’t been tempted to have many bad things in the last 10 days.”
 Emily Wilson, Norwich


“I love the feeling of zing I get the moment I drink the smoothie. Spinach, kale and avocado no longer seem the sorts of things I don’t eat – in fact, I now crave them and am open to eating all kinds of nutritious food again after a long time of eating poorly.”
Louise Welsh, Kid Car Share


I’m less bloated, my skin has cleared up loads and I have much more energy – I’m starting the day on a positive and it’s lasting all day long.” 
Rachel Winchester, Sew Healthy Sew Happy


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Is it a total faff?

No this is called Simple Green Smoothies for a reason. All the ingredients for the recipes in this eBook can be bought easily at your local supermarket, no extra shopping trips to hippy health stores are needed, unless like me you love them.

No need to spend hours chopping preparing you simply blend and go.

No need to feel crappy any more.

Honestly getting healthy, feeling fabulous and getting that glow is SO much easier than you think 😉 


I am allergic to nuts/ dairy/gluten…

No worries. All these recipes can be vegan (therefore dairy free and non vegan additions like bee pollen and gelatine are optional) and substitutions are given. This is a refined sugar, dairy, gluten, grain, and animal product free product and can easily be nut free too 😉


Will I lose weight?

While this is NOT a ‘lose a stone in a day diet‘ you will find you start to shed any excess weight is needed. I have included a 7 Day Green Goddess Cleanse and Meal Plan too so that once you have gotten into your green smoothie groove you can take it a step further and see some awesome results. 


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