SIMPLY Flourish Summer Bundle

Simple Flourish bundle


Want to create a LIFETIME of health that is delicious, simple and doesn’t involve dieting, calorie counting, boredom or guilt?

Want over 75 recipes to make sure your meals and snacks are more brilliant than boring? Or fancy the idea of having your own virtual coach to help you along the way?


Well then welcome to my Simply Flourish Bundle where you get access to EVERYTHING you need to feel completely fabulous, energised, fit and WELL without all the faff.
(Hint you don’t need to eat goji berries or harvest your own wheat grass in order to be healthy – hooray!)


Healthy eating and living really doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t to take over your WHOLE LIFE, make you stressed or mean you need to spend hours in the kitchen or hire a personal chef!


Over the last ten years I have learnt to heal my body, get and stay at a healthy weight and now live an effortlessly healthy life.  It really can be that simple once you know how.

(Read more about my story here)


So for a few weeks ONLY I want to give you access you have access to my 2 eBooks to show you HOW to create that effortless healthy life. You get…


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 For just £18 – thats a saving of £14
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The purpose of Simply Flourish eBook Bundle:

  • to equip you with all the tools you need to create a naturally healthy, thriving life.
  • to give you simple and speedy recipes so that even in the busyness of life you can eat and feel well.
  • to help you detox and ditch the crappy, guilty, dieting, beat your self up attitude and mindset towards food. 
  • help you see that you are POWERFUL around food, your body, your choices and your life.
  • show you how to detox in a non faddy crazy lady way, to guide you step by step through natural and DELICIOUS detoxes.
  • to help you regain your confidence and your health. Struggle with IBS, poor digestion, bad skin or low energy then this is a golden combination to help your THRIVE!
  • to show you how simple is can really be!
  • to help you lose weight, beat the bloat and get that naturally healthy GLOW.
  • ultimately to help you transform your body, your approach to food and your life 😉





What you get…

  • 75+ delicious, healing, delightful and of course SIMPLE recipes to help you feel fab – u – lous! (Things like Chocolate Super Shakes, Satay, Pizza, Curry, Strawberry milkshakes…ok I will stop now as even I am drooling…) 
  • 2 weeks worth of meal plans to make things super simple for your fine self.
  • Workbooks, food and mood daily journals, affirmation, free coaching video and more sneaky treats…
  • Acces to Green Goddess 7 Day Cleanse and the personal 10 day green smoothie challenge.
  • A 30 Day Get the Glow  course to get you inspired, give you more advice and nutritional tips!
  • Bonus Mega Milkshake recipe ebook – mint choc chip milkshake anyone?
  • ALL of this is your to keep for life and can be implemented at you own pace.
  • Access to on going support through my Facebook page to ask your questions and queries.
  • Not only a trimmer, slimmer body but a healed and thriving body that will last for LIFE!


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Some sneaky peaks at the delicious food….




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Tell me more …

Slim for life - ebook exampleFlourish eBook and Virtual Coaching Bundle
– Last chance for this!  

This will be coming off the virtual shelves soon (due to some exciting changes to my Flourish eCourse!) and this is the complete guide to shaking up your health, your body, your mindset and your life.

Not only filled with 30 recipes, comes with you own virtual coaching system it will help you TRANSFORM  your mindset and eatings habits to create a LIFETIME of health. It comes with meals plans, work books, affirmation and more! Find out more about it here



Simple Green Smoothies Recipe eBook – you get over 45 recipes, access to your own personal
green smoothie challenge, access to Green Goddess 7 Day Cleanse and meal plan, BONUS Mega Milkshakes ebook AND my 30 day Get the GLOW email course.

Find out more about it here



What people have said…

About Flourish:


I am taking your advice of taking things in stages and I have eliminated sugar from my diet. I haven’t weighed my self…but I am feeling great.  I had the best nights sleep ever last night, my hair is amazing and I haven’t had cravings for sugar.  I am truly amazed. Clothes feel so much looser too! Shelly Drury


I am better looking after myself. My digestion is better, my skin is clearer, the bags under my eyes are less, my mood is better, my hair feels good. Although the physical change in what I’m eating must have some effect I do think the shift in mindset has a lot to do with it. I am trying to be more organised and this translates to less stress, more sleep, better moods. Pam Forbes – Glasgow


From Simple Green Smoothies


“I’ve never eaten so much green veg! I have lost my extra bit of bulge over my jeans and I think that’s related to one or two kilos from my weight 🙂 I also feel that I can be a little bit more healthy in what I eat and haven’t been tempted to have many bad things in the last 10 days.”
 Emily Wilson, Norwich

I’m less bloated, my skin has cleared up loads and I have much more energy – I’m starting the day on a positive and it’s lasting all day long.” 
Rachel Winchester, Sew Healthy Sew Happy


Got questions? Then leave them in comments below!


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