Combat Hayfever: Cocktail Iced Tea!

Jul 9, 2013 | GAPS, Healing & Herbs, Nutrition, Recipes

Here is a quick recipe for a delicious way to defeat hayfever (as described in my last post). This summer I have been trying to go drug free when it comes to hayfever and had been managing great until this weekend when I think the pollen count went sky high,

ice tea -nettle webTea was born!!so I need an extra boost that looks fun and summery –  thus Nettle Cocktail Iced 

The nettle helps reduce inflammation (and is also very good for maintaining prostate health), the chamomile helps relax the body and cleanse breath, the lemon is a kick of vitamin C and echinacea which is supposed to help boost immune system.


x3 Nettle Teabags
x2 Chamomile Teabags
x2 Raspberry and Echinacea Teabags
1 Lemon
Boiling Water

Place all you teabags in a jug (ideally one that fits in the fridge).
Boil your kettle then pour enough boiling water to cover the teabags and about an inch extra.
If you have time allow to steep for an hour or two (or over night), if you want it immediately then just use more ice to ensure it is cold as the water will still be hot.
Add the juice of the lemon, the lemon halves themselves and sweetener if you so desire.
Fill up with filtered water and ice.
Store in the fridge

I have also made this with peppermint instead of chamomile which taste great and helps ease a bloating/spasming stomach.
Feel free to experiment as mint, lime , vanilla or oranges would probably also taste great in this too.


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