DIY Christmas Presents & Ideas

Dec 22, 2013 | Home, Life

xmas giftsThis weekend is traditionally when all shops are jam packed. Lots of sweaty people, stressed and desperate for the perfect, or at least adequate gift, run around spending their cash.

Perhaps you were one of them, if so I applaud your courage and energy to venture out. Or perhaps, like me you attempt to avoid the shops at all costs this time of year (or maybe all times of year!) and  are now experiencing a new kind of stress due to Christmas be a few days away and you have no presents and no desire to head to nearest shopping centre. Maybe you have resigned yourself (and your family) to purchasing the finest items to be hand at your local  petrol station on your way home (it is surprising what good stuff you can get at petrol stations these days …)

Well fear not, here are some more quick and easy present ideas, plus a few ideas of how to avoid all the commercial madness. This year I have made the majority of our gifts. This is mainly to save money , but also because I hate shopping and  the frenzied money spending atmosphere that overtakes people this time of year.  Plus making things myself makes me feel festive and means I can spend my days creating in my pyjamas not walking around the wet streets of Glasgow!

So here are my top tips and further present ideas for quick last minute presents.

1. Hot Chocolate Mix. Use this recipe and make a jar full of homemade hot chocolate so you friend or family member can think of you when making a cup of cocoa at the office or home. Its simple and who doesn’t love hot chocolate?

2. Head to the Charity shops. Instead of heading to the massive shopping centres we (husband and I)  headed to some local charity shops to get a few non DIY Christmas items. We set ourselves a budget and time limit and got some brilliant stuff. We went on a Saturday afternoon and it was so quiet and peaceful as everyone was in town! There was jewellery DVD clothes scarf fancy toiletries and other random stuff and it took us no time and also meant we were giving our money to some worthy charities. The smug festive feeling is a bonus with this one! Most charity shops will be open tomorrow and Christmas eve so why not pop on down!

3.Read this post. As options one, four and five are all perfect last minute gift ideas. 

4. Vouchers. I love these types of gifts as they are personal and often very thoughtful and creative. It can be a baby-sitting, cake baking, ironing, massaging, cleaning, dancing, coffeeing or anything voucher! Just make it look pretty and boom, present sorted!

5.Dark Chocolate. Yes, you can impress all you friends and family by  giving them hand made chocolate! They will be super impressed but your domestic prowess but in reality it is super easy and will literally take you about 20 minutes. Use cute moulds or simple make into a standard bar with this easy and delicious recipe. Feel free to add cranberries, nuts or other flavours to this recipe to mix it up a bit.

So really there is no need to stress, just find some old jars and fill them with good stuff, and remember the best thing to give at Christmas is Love. Cheesy but true.

Thanks for reading and let me know what DIY gifts you have been making…

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