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Warm Satay Salad

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Please do not groan over the fact that the word ‘salad’ in mentioned in the title. This really is a kick ass salad and actually tasty.


Its nearing the end of the summer season now, so here in bonny Scotland its is starting to get nippy (or nippley as my friend used to say – use your imagination!) and an ice cold salad is not really on the cards.


This really is a super salad. Full of good fats, totally vegan if you want it to be and full of iron, calcium and other goodies. The raw apple cider vinegar does wonders for you digestion, skin and overall wellbeing – learn more about it here and the seeds are full of zinc and protein. Plus this recipe involves peanut butter and that, in my books, is always an awesome thing! (FYI feel free to sub with almond or cashew butter too!)


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So before it gets too autumnal get you salad spinner out (who actually owns these things?) and give this  bash, or if you me wait until your peanut allergic husband is out and then secretly stuff you face with it!



Warm Satay Salad
Serves 1
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  1. SALAD
  2. 300g Broccoli
  3. 100 g Fresh Spinach
  4. 1 spring onion chopped
  5. 6-8 Cherry Tomatoes chopped
  6. 50 Mixed Seeds (pumpkin, sunflower or pine nuts)
  7. 4 Dates – finely chopped
  8. 10g/handful Fresh coriander
  10. 1tbsp Peanut Butter (no added sugar)
  11. ½ tbsp Tamari Sauce (or soy sauce)
  12. 50 ml of Olive Oil
  13. 50ml Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (this stuff is so good for you!)
  14. Few pinches of salt
  15. 1 tsp Raw Honey
  16. pinch of cayenne pepper if you like things hot!
  1. Chop the broccoli and place in pan with cold water. Put the pan on the hob and set a timer for 8 minutes (no one likes soggy broccoli).
  2. In a food processor or hand blender blend all the dressing ingredients until smooth. Rinse and place all the salad vegetables in a bowl.
  3. Optional – to toast the seeds place a frying pan on a medium heat and place the seed in it with no fat added. Keep on heat shaking the pan occasionally until you hear popping noises them remove from heat. This will roughly take 3-5 mins.
  4. Drain the broccoli and mix in with the other vegetables. Scatter over the chopped dates, drizzle over the satay dressing and scatter the seeds where ever you like and enjoy!
  1. This is also delicious cold so you can make some up and save it for work the next day.
  2. It would also taste great with chicken strips, pork chop or salmon if you want to bulk it up a bit.
  3. Omit the honey and use coconut sugar is wishing to make it fully vegan.
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What has been your favourite salad of the summer season?




This looks Goooood!

Angela Vincent

Another plate of yumminess from Mrs Hall. P and I are off meat, fish and all sugary extras so this is a welcome addition to my menu armoury 🙂

Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

I love all the different mix of textures in this.

Super Naturally Healthy

It definitely worth a try:)

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