8 Super Healthy Cupboard Essentials

Aug 10, 2015 | Home, Life, Nutrition


When I come home to a fridge that contains only a limp carrot and some butter and a cupboard that has that rejected tin of red kidney beans that is when I am in trouble.

Disaster strikes when I am starving hungry and there is nothing to be had! This is often when the tasty takeaways indian round the corner starts to call or when the idea of just eating frozen cake for dinner becomes appealing…

People often ask me what the ‘secrets’ are to getting and staying healthy. When I was on the GAPS diet (a strict gut healing protocol) people looked at me wide eyed wondering how on earth I ate and how I didn’t starve (I obviously didn’t – my lovely love handles prove it.)

And the secret is this: being organised and always having full cupboards.

I am lucky in that I think I have a phobia and deep fear of not having food in the house (I inherited this from my Mum) so it rarely happens. So I thought today I would share with you my  8 Super Healthy Cupboard Essentials to ensure you ALWAYS have a healthy meal or snack to go!

1. Frozen fruit and vegetables.

Healthy eating is so much easier if you fall in love with your freezer! I always have frozen peas to make my divine pea and coconut soup, frozen spinach to make instant green smoothie breakfasts (click here to find out more) and I peel and freeze ripe bananas to make instant ice cream or to add to my smoothies.

2. FAT

I try to have at least one variety of fat in the house. Mainly Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and organic butter, but also olive oil too. When I have coconut oil or butter in I can make instant chocolate or my lemon coconut creams to help curb any sugar craving. 

Eating more natural fats is a great way to get rid of sugar cravings and if you need convincing of why quitting sugar is a good idea then here are 7 Amazing Things that Happen When you Quit Sugar!

3. Dried (or tinned) lentils/beans

Red lentils, chick peas, haricot beans and others are great and cheap way to make a meal from ‘nothing’. I use they to make bean chilli or easy dips for lunch time. They are a great way to bulk out your meals and will last for years happily in your cupboard if stored right.

4. Frozen bone broth

You know I love my broth! Which is why I make it in bulk maybe 1-2 a month and then just freeze it in small amounts so I can add it to my meals. To find out why broth (or homemade stock) is the bomb diggity then click here.


5. Tinned fish

Lunch time life saver! If you have some tinned tuna all you need is some olive oil ideally some salad and your good to go. Sardine and mackerel are also fabulous options too and great source of calcium, protein, omega 3 fatty acid and so much more. (Ideally you want wild or sustainably caught fish)

6. Organic Eggs

Eggs seems to last for ages and are a brilliant way to whip up a healthy meal in minutes. Omelette, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, kedgeree – the list goes on:)

7. Nuts

I always have  jar of nuts (normally almonds) on my shelf (I soak and dehydrate them in bulk about once a month – click here for how and why) and they are great to munch on when in the ‘what can I have for tea’ conundrum.

I also take them in my ‘lunch box’ to ensure I am nice and full. And if you need some lunch inspiration (don’t we all?) then check out these 7 delicious healthy lunch time ideas – yum!

8.Organic Creamed Coconut 

I LOVE this stuff. I use it all the time and it is so much cheaper than buying organic coconut milk. It comes in hard blocks and I use it in a lot of my recipes, curries, as a snack on its own or to add to my smoothies or hot cocoas. It adds a really creamy rich taste to your food and will keep for AGES in your cupboard and the best thing – there is no crap just coconut smoothed together. I buy mine here  in bulk every 2-3 months.

Other things I love are chopped tomatoes, frozen salmon, organic cocoa and barrel loads of raw honey for making quick and healthy puddings:)

So there you go but tell me what are your healthy cupboard staples?

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