7 Festive Sweet Treat Recipes #sugarfree #paleo

Nov 15, 2017 | GAPS, Recipes, Snacks + Treats, Weight Loss


I love the festive season. Like seriously love it. Baby Jesus, chocolate yule logs, log fires and feasting. I am SUCH a fan of feasting! And I am pretty unashamed of talking about it this early. If like me you are hosting 15+ folk for Christmas dinner then you will know the planning starts NOW đŸ˜‰


And while most people around this time fo year of telling you to focus on drinking more green juice, or upping exercise or eating less to ‘compensate’ for excess calories – I don’t.
I have a simple philosophy for this time of year …and for whole year to be honest, and that is…


Get wise – not deprived.


When it comes to festive snacks don’t waste time on nutritionally useless food – aim for yummy food that will do you good.


The trick to THRIVING your way through the festive season is not counting calories or running a 10k every day (really not great for your joints!) – it’s simply to swap in traditional sugar fuel recipes with more naturally sweet ones


That is why I created the Eat & Be Merry Recipe eBook – full of sweet and savoury treat recipes to ensure you truly nourish yourself this Christmas without feeling deprived and without gaining that traditional 9lbs…


This book focuses on the fabulous fat burning four that I talk about at the Flourish Academy:

  • Fat
  • Veggies
  • Fibre
  • Protein

(Plus they contain no sugar, gluten or dairy or even grains – making it Paleo friendly!)


Research shows that these 4 will reduce your hunger, help keep you fuller for longer which will stop mindless snacking and help stabilise your energy.


Click here to find out more about the Eat & Be Merry eBook


So here is just a selection of some of the recipes, some of which I will give you for free – yay!

Christmas Yule log – FREE RECIPE – Click Here.

My most popular festive recipes that people RAVE about. Perfect for the big day….or for say tomorrow!!

Get the Eat  & Be Merry Recipe eBook here

Stollen energy bites

OMG everyone who makes these just loves them and raves about them…plus they are super easy and speedy to make.

Recipe in the Eat  & Be Merry Recipe eBook here


Gingerbread Muffins

I LOVE good muffin on Christmas morning and these do just the trick. Made with coconut flour they are full fo fibre and allergy friendly.

Recipe in the Eat  & Be Merry Recipe eBook here


Breakfast Almond Cookies

Yes I did just say cookie and breakfast in the same sentence and while I don’t eat cookies for breakfast every month of the year….I do over Christmas!

Recipe in the Eat  & Be Merry Recipe eBook here



No Bake Mince Pies – FREE RECIPE – Click Here

I LOVE mince pies but all that pastry doesn’t love me and leave me bloated and BLAH. Plus pastry is a total faff so here is a speedy and easy version!


Superfood Truffles

I often give these as gifts each year – nobody has any idea they healthy đŸ˜‰

Recipe in the Eat  & Be Merry Recipe eBook here



Peanut Butter Chocolate Cup – FREE RECIPE – Click Here

Ok not strictly festive but seriously yum no! I will be making these almond butter filled this year as I have learned that my body is not a huge peanut fan ;(


So there you are – you have some recipes and a strategy for flourishing and thriving your way through the festive season! And if you want to get access to the recipes mentioned and more so that this Christmas you can Eat, Be Merry and Ditch the Christmas Belly – then make sure you grab the eBook here.




 Grab the Eat  & Be Merry Recipe eBook here






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