Q&A: Dealing with fatigue, coming off the pill and trauma! {Ep 37}

Oct 18, 2018 | Nutrition, Podcast


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A few weeks ago I asked you lovely people on Instagram (follow me here) the questions you had, and boy, you guys have some good Q’s!!

So this week I am going to do some quick-fire questions on coming off the pill, fatigue in pregnancy, hypothyroidism and more.

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Resources Mentioned

  • This is the prenatal supplement I have used at different points throughout my pregnancy 
  • Meditation apps: Headspace and Calm
  • Listen to Ep 27 about the importance of preconception care here
  • Read about the basics of detoxification here
  • ‘Everyday’ Detox tips – read them here
  • Read more about my pregnancy journey here




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