What To Do If You Can’t Get Or Stay Pregnant – Part 1 {Ep 112}

Apr 23, 2020 | Nutrition, Pregnancy


After the Making Your Period Your Superpower series it seemed like this was the next topic to look at. Plus I get asked about this a fair bit. How to get or stay pregnant when you have thyroid issue or PCOS, or only periods or just been trying for ages and have unexplained infertility. 

Whilst this is a really hard and sensitive area to navigate (and this podcast episode is by no means comprehensive) I share with you the most common things I see with the women I work with that are impacting there fertility or hormones negatively. These are things that don’t always get a thoroughly checked out by all Dr’s but play a crucial role in your body’s ability to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

What I share is a great place to start if you’re at the start of this process or if you’ve been struggling for years or undergoing any assisted fertility treatment – what I can talk about can come alongside most forms of medical interventions too 🙂 (Holistic heath and function medicine is not an ‘us and them’ fight with conventional approaches – they can often integrate wonderfully)

So listen to part 1 as I share 4/8 of some of the biggest things to consider if you’re struggling with this.


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Resources mentioned

  • Read more about managing your blood sugar here
  • Want more help on looking after your thyroid? If you’re not sure you have an issue click here, or if you know your have issues then click here
  • Listen to the episode I did on PCOS here
  • Here and here are some of the prenatals I took contain folate.
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