Eczema: A 4 Part Roadmap to Healthy Skin! {Ep 120}

Jun 2, 2020 | Nutrition, Podcast



Eczema is a ‘friend’ I know so well. Having struggled with as a baby, child, adult and then more recently with my son getting a bad flare-up of it – its something I am oh so familiar with.

And sucks whether you have it ‘mildly’ and it is just irritating and embarrassing or whether it’s severe and limiting your life – there is something you can do. So this podcast is create to give you more information and therefore HOPE on how you can create healthier happier skin.

In the podcast, I walk you through the process I use with any client that comes to me with eczema so that you will finish the episode feeling empowered and hopeful!


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Resources Mentioned:

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