5 Things That Can Negatively Impact Your Gut Health & Digestion {Ep 122}

Jun 16, 2020 | Nutrition, Podcast


Want to hear some good news? Your gut, digestion and gut microbiome are things you can impact. You can shape how its function and how well it works for you. 

Isn’t that awesome? (Hooray!)

But with that being true then the other side to that joyous news is that we can also influence negatively.

And in this podcast, I am sharing some of the most common factors I see with my clients when it comes to things that have impacted their gut negatively. I share with you the most common contributing factors that I see time and time again as ‘the roots’ as to why a client’s gut is so messed up.

Because when you know your ‘why’ you can take really target action and see big (and quick) results – because you are addressing your unique why/s.

So if you’re intrigued as to why you feel bloated all the time and what could have contributed to your weird bowel habits, IBS, floating or reflux – then this is the podcast for YOU!

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(One client recently said this when I asked for feedback after working together: “Before working with Kezia I had been bloated with pain and gas for 35 years. Now my bloat is gone!!!!! I would recommend her as she knows her stuff.’)


Resources Mentioned:

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