Doing this one thing is RADICAL & REVOLUTIONARY {201}

May 11, 2022 | Podcast

In today’s episode, we are looking at this one thing that is radical and revolutionary, and probably makes you uncomfortable, but is really integral for you seeing results in your body, your belly, your mind, your skin, and your hormones.

I want to tell you why and I’m going to give you a bit of a history lesson and I’m really hoping that this episode is eye opening and revelatory for you. It has definitely felt that way for me, as I’ve leaned into this in the past years and realised that this is why I’ve maybe ended up in the pickle that my health.

It doesn’t get talked about much on the internet, but it plays such a massive role in your health and feeling good, in your hormones and your belly.

You don’t have to agree with everything that I’m saying by any means, but I want to give it to you as an offering, because I really think if you soak this in it could really help you see incredible results.

It might make you feel a little bit uncomfortable but just being aware of this and taking a little bit of action on it is really going to serve you and you will see results.

I see it impacting clients biomarkers because the idea of getting support and the practice of allowing yourself to have support can really feel uncomfortable. I really want to argue for the idea that it’s really radical and revolutionary for most women.


It’s the idea of getting SUPPORT.

And women historically have been ‘the support’. (Not just women, other marginalised people too.)

They have been the support of family, the support of the men in their lives, support of their children, support of their community etc.

You can see how, if you are expected to support everybody in your family and in your community and in your home and life there is this unconscious expectation that we are here to support others.

We’ve been told this unconsciously time and time again. We know through research that the average female is doing about 20 hours per week of free labour in caregiving responsibilities and caring for other people that men simply do not always do or feel they have to do.

We unconsciously think that we don’t need to be supported because we need to support everyone else instead. We might feel deserving of support but we often don’t take any action on this feeling and ask for that support.

This is often how we feel about our health and wellbeing. There is support out there – We just need to remember that it’s OK for us to ask for it.


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