Jess – Session 3 – Update, weight loss frustration, CGM and why she is so darn tired! {204}

Jun 1, 2022 | Podcast

This week’s episode is a live session with my client, Jess. We have been doing live sessions here on the podcast. So, this is our 3rd session after a bit of a break. 

Jess is someone who has energy issues and has been struggling with awful periods, hyperthyroid diagnosis, and has a whole bunch of other stuff going on.

Some of the things we about:

  • Continuous blood glucose monitoring
  • Weight and why she’s having a bit of a struggle
  • Estrogen and metabolism and check in with her hormones. 

And, we look at some of the key reasons why I think last year, her hormones and energy really started to tank and a whole lot of other juicy goodness.

This episode is a really great insight into what it looks like to work with me. Also, FYI, Jess is my sister so there is some banter but it really is a good insight into what this holistic approach looks like and what that actually means.

I think people tend to think the holistic approach is like a whole lot of crystals and meditating, or they think it’s just too much and too extreme. These sessions with Jess really helped me to see what it looks like for you and whilst obviously your body is going to be different to hers, some of the struggles that she has, her energy, her hormones etc, come up time and time again with women that I work with.

So, I know that you’re going to get some really useful, actionable tips and advice from this, as well as seeing why the process I take my clients through is so transformational and unique.

My approach is very data oriented, scientifically driven. It’s very holistic, very empathetic, nonjudgmental – It’s realistic. It’s simple and it is incredibly effective.

We talk about the progress she’s seen just from a couple of really simple things and experiments that she has run. So, through this episode, I want to show you that transformation is possible. I hope you enjoy it!


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