Session 4 with Jess: Weight gain & your nervous system {208}

Jun 29, 2022 | Podcast

Today we have session 4 with Jess. This podcast is a live session where we talk about the importance of supporting your nervous system, detoxification, weight gain and why that might be the case, what it has to do with inflammation and a whole lot of other stuff.

This session is a check-in with Jess who has just gotten her continuous blood glucose monitor. Jess is someone who has hypothyroidism. We started working together because she was having awful periods – She would suddenly go from really normal periods to awful ones with really bad fatigue and some weight gain even though nothing else had changed in her life.

These live session episodes are different because they can give you a little peek into what it actually means to heal your body and apply nutritional science and lifestyle medicine to your body. I think sometimes it can feel a bit like we don’t know what it means to do this and if we ever feel a bit unsure about something, we tend to not want to go and do it.

If you think holistic nutrition is all just about crystals and chanting, it’s not at all, but maybe that idea puts you off working on your health holistically and you miss out on this whole healing modality/

I’m guessing you’re listening to this podcast because you want to feel better because there’s some area of your life, maybe it’s a diagnosis, maybe you’ve just got symptoms where you are being told that everything is fine in your health but you don’t feel fine. You probably want to feel better and I know that you can – There is always room for improvement.

I’m confident that you can feel better than you do right now.

I really hope that this podcast equips you and helps you in feeling better because that’s the big goal, right?

When you feel better, everything changes – your relationships change, your earning potential changes. It impacts your family, how you parent, or if you can get pregnant, it impacts so many things, which is why I’m so passionate about health.

Your body really is the foundation of your life and I know that there’s some really fun and awesome things that you’re put on this earth to do, but you’re going to really struggle to do them if you are not feeling great in your body, mind and health.

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