MINI #13: What happens if nothing changes

Feb 2, 2023 | Podcast

This mini episode has two main focuses. Number one is I want to personally invite you to come and join me in the SHIFT retreat, which is in a luxury in-person retreat happening in Scotland just outside of Edinburgh in March.

Until the end of January, I’m doing a SHIFT sale, so there’s a discount on the retreat itself, there’s also a 10 month payment plan option and all sorts of good stuff.

If you know you really want things to change and you’ve been really struggling to make a change on your own, you’ve been really struggling to make changes that last, changes that actually create results and change your symptoms.

Like if you’ve been really struggling, feel alone, want a like-minded community, need a break to get out of your usual habits and routines so that you can break them and create new, healthier habits and routines.

If you feel like you have zero time to work on your health and just no space to even create the thing that you, you really, really want, I want to invite you to the SHIFT retreat.

It’s going to be an incredibly powerful experience of gathering in person. Also, as part of the SHIFT sale, you can also get access to a one-to-one program.

Which will happen between now and the retreat itself. We will work in a shorter one-to-one program. We’ll have our consultations and then we will wrap up the program with the in-person retreat.

The second part of this episode is all about ‘What happens if nothing changes?’ So, in terms of the symptoms, if you think about how you feel right now. What if that doesn’t change this year?


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