How to do less & make MORE progress in your health {239}

Feb 8, 2023 | Podcast

So, how can you do less things, be less overwhelmed and less stressed out about your health and still actually make progress?

We often think about doing less. We think ‘yes, I could be less overwhelmed, I could be less stressed, but the cost of that is that my stomach doesn’t actually change, my belly doesn’t change, my energy doesn’t change. I actually don’t see those practical, tangible results.’ But that is not the case.

So, how do you do less things and keep making progress, and how do you really accelerate your progress?

Let’s say you’re sitting here at the start of the year and you’re just feeling tired, frumpy, burned out. You’re too tired and overwhelmed to figure out where to begin. You suspect you’ve maybe got gut issues or maybe thyroid issues. You suspect there’s some stuff going on. Maybe you’ve had test results, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve been told everything’s fine and you’re like looking down the barrel of this year and looking back maybe at the previous years and thinking ‘oh my goodness, I’ve felt like this for ages and it’s not changed. I’ve tried to shift this and I haven’t gotten to where I want to be.’

If you’re already tired and burned out and a bit fatigued and overwhelmed, the idea of working on your health can feel like another overwhelming, fatiguing, tiring thing.

So, you’re just thinking that you are stuck in a vicious circle that will never change (which I have felt before and that’s why I want to do this Podcast)

You feeling good doesn’t actually require you to do a bazillion things. It does require you to do a couple of things though and that’s what I want to talk about in this episode: How do we do less and still make progress.


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