Expensive cars. Cheap bodies. Why does investing your body feel scarier than buying a new car? {245}

Mar 22, 2023 | Podcast

Why does investing in your body and your health feel scarier than, let’s say buying a new car or booking a holiday?

Why do you get the absolute panic when you hear about the cost of organic food or the cost of working with me or a yoga class or therapy, you’re just thinking ‘Nope, too expensive’

Why do we get that really big emotional response? Or that just panic, that sheer money panic of “aha, I can’t do it”?

Cause if you’re anything like me, you have felt that panic.

It’s really important that we address your health and your wealth because when we look back at history and how women’s bodies have been treated and how women’s financial empowerment has been, women have had a very disempowered relationship with their bodies and with money in the past. And it’s time that that changed.

We need to change that narrative moving forward. It might be that your relationship with money is getting in the way of your health.

It did for me for years. I would’ve made so much more progress if I had just dealt with my relationship with money sooner because it was getting in the way of me making progress in my health.

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