My Natural Skin Care Routine

Mar 8, 2016 | Beauty & Skin



Let’s talk about feeding your SKIN!


Becuase as important as it is to eat naturally it is also just as important that we are aware of what we put on our skin.


And I use the word ‘aware’ deliberately. This is not, I repeat not a, ‘OMG I am surrounded by chemicals I am going to die’ sort of post, I share information with you to inform you so you can make powerful and healthy choices. So have a nosey at what I do and then go slow and make changes to your beauty routine one step at a time.



You skin is one of you largest organs and it is a direct pathway to your blood and body. Yes, it is a barrier and protector but it is also  absorbent, meaning stuff we put on our skin doesn’t always stay on it but gets absorbed into the body. How much gets absorbed? Well that is tricky to say.


If you take this to the extreme then you may wish to live in a sterile environment and never leave the house as there is petrol fumes in the air, nasty chemicals in mascara and supposed carcinogenic in shower gel. Now that is no way to live and definitely not healthy so here is a great round-up of all the hysterics based on how the skin works:


 Those chemists who say that our skin holds back the tide are generally right – our body’s largest organ protects us from the daily onslaught and can stop certain chemicals from getting into our bodies.

On the other hand, the natural/holistic movement has a point – while our skin isn’t a sponge, it’s certainly taking in some ingredients that we apply to our bodies and transporting them further down into the body where they may or may not make it into the bloodstream.

But one thing is absolutely clear: it is impossible to put a figure on this absorption rate and it is impossible to estimate how much ends up in our bloodstream. Every person is different and every chemical is different. It is always good to question what you put on your skin but your body’s response will be individual. Read more here


So no need to freak out BUT it is important to be aware. I know on my healing journey I have transitioned to a completely natural skin, cleaning, body and makeup routine and feel like it has played an important role in my constant increase of health and JOY!


What causes problem skin?

So what could be causing dry, blemished or problem skin? Topical treatment alone is not enough to give you that glow so lets looks at what could be causing problems:

  • Dehydration can lead to dry flaky and dull skin so drink plenty of water and herbal tea and avoid caffeine.
  • Refined sugar plays havoc on digestion and therefore, your skin.
  • Lack of nutrients. Your body needs certain vitamins and minerals to THRIVE.
    (And if you know you need more goodness in your diet then why not start my green smoothie challenge today?)
  • Out of whack hormones! Adult acne is often down to out of balance hormones and no amount of skin care product will change it, you have to deal with the root cause.
  • Lack of moister and oil. Your skin loves oils believe it or not and it need them to thrive.
  • Stress. Meaning if you nervous system is constantly on the ‘fight or flight’ mode you body will be tried and you skin will show it!

…..Psst if you want more info on natural skin care my friend Cat has written a great ebook on the subject as she has waved goodbye to acne – click here to find out more


My Natural Skin Care Routine

Please note this is based on my own skin type which have tendency to be dry (thanks Scottish winters!) and I am super blessed in that I don’t suffer with spots or blemishes. 



  • Wake up and drink 1-2 pints of lukewarm water.
  • Body Brush – 3-4 times a week – recently started doing this and it is addictive and a wonderful way to get lymphatic system going in the morning.
  • Shower time – use tiny amount of Peppermint Castile Soap on a flannel or exfoliating glove. I used to do the ‘no poo’ method (read more here) but now I just use an organic shampoo and conditioner like this one.
  • Exfoliate – Along with body brushing once a fortnight/week I used a DIY body scrub like this all over (including face) one to keep me silky smooth!
  • Moisturiser – I use this homemade moisturiser every morning (on face and body) or very often just with coconut oil or olive oil.
  • Make Up – I aim to use about 80% all natural, crap free, makeup. I get a lot of mine from Lovelula or my local Wholefoods.
    I use a mineral foundation, concealer, mascara and currently a non-natural bobby brown eye-liner I got given and aim to have about 1-2 make up free days a week often more. I made the transition from titanium dioxide foundations and lead filled lipsticks to more natural ones slowly over the last 2 years and have noticed that I am never plagued with conjunctivitis like I used to be.
  • Deodorant – I use this homemade one or just plain old magnesium spray with maybe some coconut oil or scent lavender oils if I want a scent.
  • Teeth (ok technically not skin but important!). I either use my homemade toothpaste or this fluoride free one and brush AM and PM.


Random times of day

  • Hand soap -I use natural shea butter or olive oil soap in bathroom but am looking to get one of these pumps and using Castile Soap to save buying  2 products and using them in kitchen and bathroom
  • Essential oils – these deserve a post on its own but I use essential oils daily mixed with olive oil or straight onto my feet to help with any specific health issues I am targeting and can be very effective at supporting overall health.
    My favourites are lavender, oregano to help fight off colds (used sparingly), and a detox blend. I am currently testing out different brands to find which I prefer but currently have a blend on doTerra and Young Living.
  • Candles – I don’t use candles much as I avoid all synthetic ones as they are basically filling your house with toxic scented petroleum. Nice. So I stick to an essential oil diffuser or natural candles only. ( Click here to read more about why natural candles are so importnant)





  • Makeup removal/cleansing – I use the oil cleansing method most nights to remove makeup and moisturise skin to boot. Read about how to do that here.
  • Face masks – Maybe about once every 2 weeks if I remember I will slather raw honey over my face and lick it off… I mean leave it one for about 45 mins or use this DIY face mask 🙂
  • Bath time – I love baths and they can be really supportive of health and healing  (hooray!).
    I try to have one at least once a week and fill it with essential oils, several handfuls of bicarbonate of soda, a handful of magnesium flakes if I have them and more recently a tbsp of coconut oil which leaves me super silky!



Action >>>> why not pick ONE thing to switch up and upgrade to a more natural version. Maybe start buying natural shampoo or

So there you have it!


What is your skin care routine?


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